Tokai Love Rock LS-140F-VF

Tokai’s guitars have long been known for their quality eastern-built replicas of popular models designed by US companies. During certain dark eras the word on the street was that their instruments were better than the (at the time) lacklustre efforts by some of those companies. The company doesn’t just made replicas – their original designs such as the Talbo are startlingly unique and incredibly funky, and I came thiiiiis close to buying a Talbo a few years ago – but when it comes to funky Japanese-made versions of popular US guitars, the Tokai name is probably the first that comes to mind for most players.

The Love Rock makes absolutely no secret of its inspiration. From the outline and electronics to the cheeky script Love Rock logo (which looks like a certain name whose initials are L and P from a distance), if you didn’t have your wits about you you’d be forgiven for getting confused about whether you’re holding a US original or the Tokai.

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