NAMM: IK Multimedia iRig BlueBoard and iLoud


IK Multimedia was one of the very early adopters of guitar products for mobile devices, and they’ve now  completed the portable rig with iRig BlueBoard and iLoud. BlueBoard is a Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac which lets you control your sounds with your feet instead of having to do the ‘tap tap tap’ thing with your fingertips when you’d rather be going ‘tap tap tap’ on your fretboard. And iLoud is a deceptively powerful stereo speaker with built-in iRig interface for plugging guitar guitar in and rocking. Here are the press releases.

IK Multimedia Announces iRig BlueBoard
The first Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac, gives musicians hands-free control over music apps

January 23, 2013 – IK Multimedia – the leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – is proud to announce iRig® BlueBoard, a groundbreaking new Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac, which gives guitarists, bassists and keyboard players hands-free control of mobile and Mac music apps. Read More …

REVIEW: AmpKit Mac

Agile Partners’ AmpKit for iOS won me over. We had a rocky start due to a less-than-optimal guitar/iOS interface I bought that didn’t quite let AmpKit do its thing. But once I upgraded to GuitarJack 2 by Sonoma Wire Works, I was utterly sold, and I realised that AmpKit is so very input dependent that of course it sounds better with a higher quality interface. And I realised that AmpKit does what no other iOS amp sim seems to do, giving you a completely and utterly usable tone right out of the box that you can simply drop into a recording and know it’ll sound great. I’ve used AmpKit on a few recordings, plugging it into my Mbox, but I always thought it’d be great to have AmpKit accessible from within my Mac itself.

And now you can get exactly that! AmpKit Mac is custom-built for OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion, taking advantage new capabilities in OS X. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days and the very first thing that struck me was how perfectly suited the AmpKit interface is for the Mac. Just as it made clever use of the iPad screen to present everything in an easy-to-access way, AmpKit for Mac lays out the virtual guitar rigs logically and usefully. There’s a multi-panel user interface with a main “Stack View” and separate floating panels for Gear, Backing Tracks, Recording, and Metronome. It helps that certain iOS-influenced features are ported over too, including Multi-Touch gestures, Full Screen mode, Sharing via email or AirDrop, and gesture-enabled Quick Look. Read More …

COOL GEAR ALERT: Home Inventory

I’d like to welcome back to the site Binary Formations as a site sponsor. Kevin Hamilton from Binary Formations has created an ingenious program for Mac called Home Inventory, which allows you to keep track of your valuables and/or collections. Around the home it can be useful for keeping records for warranties, repair histories and owner manuals, while we guitar geeks can use it to keep full records of our gear, including serial number, modifications, setup specs, provenance if you wish to sell a collectible instrument later, etc.

You can also use it to create checklists if you’re moving house, and to keep track of your insurance policy data, and even to run reports to determine if your policy is giving you adequate coverage. Very handy for those with large or valuable guitar collections. There’s also an iPhone/iPad app (Photo Remote), which connects to Home Inventory over WiFi and lets you roam around your house and add items and photos remotely. You can also use it to add CDs, DVDs and other items by ‘scanning’ the barcode with the camera. Genius!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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