Ernie Ball Music Man St Vincent Signature


St. Vincent is such a great guitarist and such a compelling artist overall, and very deserving of a signature guitar. She’s been playing Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee models recently and now Music Man and St. Vincent have teamed up for a bold new guitar design. There are a few little hints of existing models too: the bridge appears to be the one from the John Petrucci Majesty and the V carve of the top is reminiscent of the Armada. But the overall design is very original and it looks to be really functional too. It must be an utter blast to play and I can’t wait to check it out.

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Dream Theater – Melbourne, October 29, 2014


I first started listening to Dream Theater with A Change Of Seasons – back then the albums weren’t released locally here in Australia, so we had to pay huge prices for imports – and I immediately had that feeling of ‘This is the band I always wished existed!’ My brother and I soon went back and checked out Images And Words and Awake and I was blown away by the scope of the music, the intensity of the performances, the creativity of the arrangements and the depth of the lyrics. It took a long time for Dream Theater to finally tour Australia (0n the Chaos In Motion tour) and this brief run of two Australian dates was only their third ever tour down here, and first with Mike Mangini behind the kit.  Read More …

NAMM: Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty


Here it is: the Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty 6 and 7-string models in all their unorthodox glory! These guitars caused quite a stir when they first surfaced but once you see them in person they make a whole lot more sense. Everything flows beautifully, the workmanship is beyond incredible and the proportions don’t seem as weird in person as when you see pics. I’ve tried to snap a few angles that show off the guitars’ many best sides. And with the Game Changer system this is one crazily versatile instrument.

maj1 maj2 maj4 maj5 maj6


Behold! The Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty!

Mystic-Majesty_ShieldSterling Ball has just posted the following on the Ernie Ball Music Man forum…
“Its really too early but it has been seen by a few so I wanted the rest of you to see it…the ones who dont spy on me….enjoy….
The guitar is super super light…the ‘carbon fiber’ is not what it seems….it is laser etched maple that is finished to resemble carbon fiber the guys did an amazing job. the access is absolutely crazy good….the ergonomics were the primary deal and it balances really well…. It has a gamechanger in it and is set to just be a switch but as we introduce the gc incrementally you can activate if you choose but it is not manditory. The guitar has been voiced by di marzio and we have done sonic thumbprint matching….I will tell you about it someday. The design and construction techiniques are cutting edge and like I could only have imagined ten years ago. Enjoy” Read More …