Hey there, Ibanez MSM100.

Often on Twitter I’ll post little ‘Guitar Crush Of The Day’ pics. I figured I’d do a little blog post about today’s one because what the hell. It’s the Ibanez MSM100 signature model for Marco Sfogli, who I first heard through his incredible work with Dream Theater’s James LaBrie. Marco’s style is a little similar to John Petrucci – not enough to sound like a clone, but enough to serve as a really strong bridge between LaBrie’s identities in Dream Theater and as a solo artist. His Ibanez signature model is based on the AZ series but with plenty of unique twists. It has a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck position and a Tone Zone in the bridge, a classic combination that gives you big chunky power chords and plenty of overtones and gorgeous mids on single notes. This guitar is rocking a Petrucci-esque wiring scheme where the middle position is coil-split, and it has a distinctive Fabula Green Burst finish that looks even better in person than it does in pics.

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New James LaBrie Videos & Billboard 200 Debut

Impermanent ResonanceDream Theater vocalist James LaBrie’s new solo album, Impermanent Resonance, is out now and has just debuted at 198 on the Billboard 200 chart, exceeding the result of his previous album Static Impulse, which didn’t crack the 200 despute being awesome. Today LaBrie has released three videos related to the album: an official YouTube stream of the song “I Got You,” as well as a guitar play-through by guitarist Marco Sfogli for the song “Letting Go” and a compliation of drum recording footage featuring the monstrous Pete Wildoer. Check out all three videos and a press release below, and read my review of the album hereRead More …

CD REVIEW: James LaBrie – Impermanent Resonance

Impermanent ResonanceI quite liked James LaBrie’s early solo albums – the ones released under the name Mullmuzzler. And Elements of Persuasion, the first to be released under his own name, was pretty solid too. But for me, LaBrie’s voice as a solo artist really came into its own on 2009’s Static Impulse. That album was progressive, aggressive and expressive – a blend of melody and heaviness, with healthy lashings of the Gothenberg sound, the stellar guitar work of Marco Sfogli and the death-growl vocals of drummer Pete Wildoer (Darkane). Now on Impermanent Resonance, LaBrie and his core band – Wildoer, Sfogli, bass player Ray Riendeau and right-hand-man Matt Guillory (keys, background vocals, co-songwriting) – aim to take that sound further, aided by occasional songwriting contributions from guitarist Pete Wilchers (ex-Soilwork).  Read More …

New James LaBrie Track – ‘Agony’

labrieimpermanentIf you haven’t heard James LaBrie’s Static Impulse, you seriously have to check it out. The songwriting is great, the vocal performances are kickass, the performances are amazing, the mix is pretty damn cool – it’s really got it all. Which is why I’m stoked to hear Agony, the first track to be released from its follow-up, Impermanent Resonance, which will be released on August 6 in North America and July 29 in Europe via InsideOut Music. The new album features the same line-up as Static Impulse: Songwriter/producer/keyboard player Matt Guillory. Marco Sfogli on guitar, Ray Riendeau (Halford, Machines of Loving Grace) on bass, and Peter Wildoer (Darkane and a very memorable Dream Theater audition) on drums and growly vocals. And former Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers contributed songwriting and guitars too. Listen to Agony in the YouTube video below, or download it for free here.
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