Pro Tone Pedals Mark Holcomb Haunted Delay

Here’s Pro Tone Pedals’ Mark Holcomb Haunted Delay pedal for the Periphery guitarist and all-round nice dude. It’s designed to be an ambient style delay like an old-school vintage tape echo, offering delay times from 25 to 450milliseconds, with a repeat control that ranges from one repeat through to infinite feedback. There’s a mix control as well as a volume knob which gives you anything from unity gain to a 20dB boost, enough to kick things up for solos and stuff. Pro Tone has designed the Haunted delay was intentionally designed to work well with modern high gain amps as well as classics. Mark says “I’m extremely happy with how unique and versatile this pedal turned out, and it’s been an inspiration merely jamming on it as of late. The intention here was to create something truly trippy – a pedal versatile enough to handle the soundscape-y material I’m drawn to, while at the same time having a very streamlined interface, making it easy to use as a songwriting tool – which is its main use for me.” To order the pedal, visit




Mark Holcomb Rocking BIAS And JamUp

Screen_Shot_2014_03_11_at_11.30.42_AMb6acfeCheck out this killer video of Periphery’s Mark Holcomb jamming through some riffs using a custom amp in Positive Grid’s BIAS app and running through several features in JamUp. The song list is “Pale Aura,” an untitled demo which may or may not be used for Periphery, and “Immaterial.” “Since I keep my Fractal AxeFx-II racked up in our touring rig when we’re at home, my home jamming rig has been condensed to just an iPad and a powered cab,” Mark says. “Not only are the tones as good as any other piece of gear I own but the portability of having both Positive Grid apps on iOS makes it ideal for travel.”

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INTERVIEW: Periphery’s Mark Holcomb

Mark HolcombIt seems like just yesterday that Periphery was in Australia – and it pretty much was, if you count ‘March’ as yesterday. Whereas last time around they travelled the country as part of the huge Soundwave festival juggernaut, they’re heading back in January and February for their own tour with like-minded proggy djenty iconoclasts Animals As Leaders. And what better way to prepare for the tour than to have a chat with guitarist Mark Holcomb? I caught up with Mark yesterday ahead of the second-last Periphery gig of the band’s current US tour. And right around the time I’m typing this, they’re onstage playing their very last show before taking some much-needed time off. But it won’t be long before we hear some new Periphery music, as you will see…  Read More …