Black Sabbath Melbourne Gigs Coming To DVD


Is there anything sweeter than when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD? Well, maybe when one of your favourite bands releases a live DVD of a concert that you yourself went to! While I can’t guarantee that this applies to your personal situation, if you’re like me and the other 30,000 or so people who saw Black Sabbath when they played in Melbourne, Australia a few months ago, you’re going to relive the experience on their new DVD, Gathered In Their Masses! Due for release on on November 26 via Vertigo/Republic, Gathered In Their Masses contains footage from Sabbath’s April 29 and May 1, 2013 concerts here in Melbourne. And it’s going to kick ass. Here’s the trailer. Read More …

Steel Panther Rock Oz

The mighty Steel Panther just played here in Melbourne, Australia and as usual it was freaking awesome. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen them (the previous three times have been at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip on their Monday night residency), and in contrast to those gigs, this was 100% original material. No “Runnin’ With The Devil,” no “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Youth Gone Wild,” or “Livin’ On A Prayer.” But their original material is more than strong enough to support a full set’s worth, and it was a killer night. Some of us media folks were lucky enough to have a pre-show limo party and a meet-and-greet with the band too, although what happens in the penthouse suite stays in the penthouse suite. Hehe.

Here are some pics I snapped on the night… Read More …

EVENT ALERT: MMF Metal forum, featuring …me

Hey! I’ll be one of the panelists at the MMF Metal forum on February 8 in St Kilda. This event, by Music Managers Forum Australia, is part of the St Kilda Festival and it’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in metal, but especially those who play it, to pick the brains of some very knowledgable experts. And me [boomTISH]. Now, it’s free but you need to book. Tickets are available here. Come along, participate, and let’s have a beer afterwards.

There are plenty of other forums and masterclasses run by MMF as part of the Festival. Check out this schedule for more.

Here are the details of the metal forum.

MMF METAL FORUM Wed. 8 FEB. 2012, 8 PM

WHAT: Tips and Tricks, How to get a better Gig, where to tour, Local and International Markets, Trends. Hear it from the experts.

VENUE: Alliance Francaise De Melbourne, Side Entrance, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda, Victoria 3182


Ben has been at Roadrunner Records for 4 years as General Manager, Australian/NZ territory. Roadrunner is internationally renowned for its roster of rock, hard rock and metal artists and is famous for such bands as Slipknot, Nickelback, Sepultura, Machine Head and more. Prior to working at Roadrunner Ben was Head of Labels/A&R at Stomp Entertainment where he worked for 8 years. Ben has also managed the following labels in Australia over his career – Victory, Metalblade, Sub Pop, Saddle Creek, Sanctuary, Rykodisc/ADA, Tooth & Nail, Equal Vision, Southern Lord, Mans Ruin and more.

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Soxy Music’s guitar setup course

Are you here in I Heart Guitar’s home base of Melbourne? Want to learn mad setup skillz from someone who I hear really knows their stuff? Check out Soxy Music’s guitar setup course. I’ve heard so many good things about this guy’s work and I can’t wait to get down to check out Soxy Music in person (seriously, it’s just up the road but do you think I can find the time to stop by? Argh!). In the meantime, check out this info from the Soxy Music website about the guitar setup course.

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NEWS: Guitars Across The Bay festival in Melbourne


Just found out about this event here in I Heart Guitar’s home town of Melbourne, Australia. I’m gonna try to make it along, so if you see me,  say hi!


Guitars across the Bay

 A guitar players’ paradise! March 19th & 20th 2011

The historic seaport of Williamstown will be the host of the first of many Melbourne International Guitar Festivals at Seaworks 82 Nelson Place Williamstown VICTORIA.

Our guitar festival will take guitar players, enthusiasts and music lovers through an assortment of sounds and styles of the guitar and guitar players, featuring some of Australia’s finest Guitarist’s over 2 days on 3 different stages.

Exhibitor stands of builders and distributors of Guitars, musical instruments and accessories will display and demonstrate their products in the main Industrial Work shed. There will be ‘guitar workshops’ conducted by some of the performers, information TBA on our website

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REVIEW: Jeff Beck at the Palais, Melbourne

Last night (January 26, Australia Day, woohoo), I saw Jeff Beck at the Palais in Melbourne. I’ll write a full review for the next issue of Mixdown magazine, but in the meantime here are a few thoughts and observances for anyone who’s interested. Beck’s playing again at the Palais tonight, so CLICK HERE to see if there are still tickets available.

Okay, thoughts in dot-point form cos they’re fun.

· Beck appeared to have a pair of Marshall Plexis on stage, (although only one of them was turned on – I guess the other was a spare) and a Fender combo. My vision sucks at the best of times (but at least I have cool glasses), so I couldn’t quite tell what models they were.

· He played one of his signature Fender Stratocasters for the whole show, and only needed to retune once, about an hour into the gig, despite his frequent and mind-destroying whammy bar use.

· On drums, Mr Vinnie Colaiuta. Frank Zappa’s favourite improvisation buddy, and an important part of why Megadeth’s ‘The System Has Failed’ album is so friggin’ cool. Vinnie threw in lots of double-kick work, and stole the show several times.

· On bass, Tal Wilkenfeld. She’s only 22 and her playing is frighteningly good, especially her solo during ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers.’

· Beck long ago chucked away guitar picks, and it’s inspiring if not a little intimidating to hear what he can do with just his fingers and a whammy bar. Surprisingly, most of his vibrato comes from rapidly pushing and releasing the guitar’s tremolo bridge with the side of his picking hand, instead of from his fretting hand.

I won’t spoil the setlist for those who are yet to see this tour, but Beck’s playing is as good as ever, and his band is amazing. If you’re in Melbourne and you haven’t already got a ticket for tonight, GO GO GO GO GO!!!

CLICK HERE to buy Jeff Beck’s ‘Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scotts’ from

CLICK HERE to buy the Fender Jeff Beck signature Stratocaster from Music123.

Remaining Jeff Beck Australian tour dates:

27 Jan Palais Theatre, VIC

29 Jan Brisbane Convention Centre, QLD

30 Jan Enmore Theatre, NSW

31 Jan Enmore Theatre, NSW