NEWS: Steel Panther’s ‘Death To All But Metal’ video

Anyone who’s spent more than a passing moment on Metal Sludge is no doubt aware of the great Steel Panther. Well they’ve finally filmed a video for their awesome track ‘Death To All But Metal.’ This track was featured on the Metal Sludge compilation CD ‘Hey – That’s What I Call Sludge’ back when Steel Panther were known as Metal Skool (actually they’re credited as the Metal Sludge All-Stars on the CD but I digress …)

Fun fact! Steel Panther features guitarist Russ Parrish, who was in Fight with Rob Halford, and Paul Gilbert’s cover band Electric Fence.

Oh, if you’re offended by naughty language or are at work, um… you might wanna skip this.

Look for a cameo from Sarah Silverman too.

NEWS: Jason Becker interview on Metal Sludge

Who else reads Metal Sludge? Although it’s not updated as often as it used to be, when its notorious 20 Questions were a weekly occurrence, it’s still hilarious, still poking 80s rock in the ribs, and still a site I check pretty much every day just in case.

They’ve just posted their second interview with Jason Becker. Here’s a small excerpt. CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

Tell us about your latest CD Jason Becker “Collection”. How did you go about choos-ing what tracks to include. What kind of time, etc.. goes into something like this for you?

I had wanted to do a “best of” album for a while. I wanted one “perfect” CD for new people who are interested in hearing me, but who want to get my whole scene without having to buy all of my albums. As you know, my music can be diverse, so if you buy one album, you don’t get the whole picture. I also wanted my old fans to have new stuff. Mike Varney and I talked about waiting for me to write and record new songs. I was nervous about that because I hadn’t written music ever since I couldn’t move my hands or head. It would be a completely new process which might not work. I had to try it though because I owed it to myself and my fans. The California Department of Rehabilitation had just gotten me a new computer, music software and some great studio tools. My girlfriend and I had just broken up, so sex wasn’t a distraction anymore. It was time to see if I was still good or did I lose it all and suck? It was an incredible feeling to be creating again.

I picked my older songs that move me the most, which coincidentally are the pieces my fans write me the most about. These songs apparently speak to “normal” people as well as guitarists. Even when I shred, I am trying to make music. I am happy that people hear my emotion and feelings in my music and playing.

I also added some bonus material that is available when you stick the CD in your computer. I have eleven minutes of me noodling on the guitar back in ’89 for a couple of my students. Also, there are my guitar demos for my guitar concerto “End of the Beginning.” Michael Lee Firkins played on the final version. I thought it would be fun for people to see how the piece started out, with me playing.

It took quite a while, only because of the new songs. I also had to work around my co-producer, Dan Alvarez’s schedule. He did so much work; he is such a genius.

CLICK HERE to buy Jason Becker – Collection on Shrapnel Records.

While you’re at it, check out his classic album, Perpetual Burn too.