REVIEW: Michael Kelly Guitars 1957


There are so, so many guitars out there that follow the basic Telecaster-style footprint but either they ape the Tele so closely that you might as well get a Fender, or they diverge from the design so radically that they may as well be an entirely different instrument. Fender’s American Deluxe series does a great job of updating the Tele with modern playability and features but they’re pretty damn pricey. I get the feeling that this is where the Michael Kelly 1957 fits in. It’s far more affordable than an American Deluxe and it certainly doesn’t try to copy its features, but it’s no vintage-style Tele reproduction either.  Read More …

Michael Kelly Guitars 1950’s Series

MK1953BJWMichael Kelly Guitars announces the new 1950’s Series line of single cut guitars.  They’re available in five distinct models, and following their unique “Boutique Within Reach” approach of producing instruments, Michael Kelly Guitars builds these axes with the features, fit, finish and playability of those respected high end, low quantity builders but at affordable prices.
From the press release:
The electric guitar dramatically changed the world of popular music during the 50’s and this new line pays tribute. The 1950’s Series offers features and sonic capabilities of those memorable sounds but with modern day appointments and production techniques.  All five models feature an exotic wood top and contoured arm cut, master volume and master tone controls, a three way pickup selector, and coil taps for sonic range and versatility.

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