INTERVIEW: QOTSA’s Josh Homme & Mini Mansions’ Michael Schuman

Queens Of The Stone Age, Eagles Of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures – Josh Homme has always followed his creative muse in whichever direction it may lead him, and recently it led him back to Rekords Rekords, a label he founded in the mid ’90s but which had lain dormant for some time since. The first two releases on the label have been Spark by Alain Johannes and the self-titled psychedelic showcase by Mini Mansions (distributed here in Australia through Liberator Music).

“I have no idea when the label started,” Homme ponders. “I think it was around 1996 or so when I started putting out Desert Sessions records. It was basically a home for more esoteric stuff, and I didn’t want to have to ask if it was okay. You’re always fighting that fight when you want to release a record through someone else’s label. Early in 2010 I heard some records which were just so good and which I wanted to release, by Alain Johannes and Michael Shuman. I’d worked with them in Queens of the Stone Age (both Johannes and Shuman) and Them Crooked Vultures (Johannes) and I said to myself, “I want to be around this music.” They’re both just so good… so incredible! Both are great in spite of me! Queens Of The Stone Age is something we all do because we want to, and that’s a great reason, but secondarily, I want to be around my favourite musicians.”

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