NEWS: Paul Gilbert, Larry Dimarzio talk sound & Ibanez Fireman

Check out this cool YouTube video of Paul Gilbert and pickup guru/photographer Larry Dimarzio. 

In the video, Paul and Larry talk about pop culture and music while Paul riffs on his awesome new Ibanez Fireman guitars. Paul discusses his current love affair with the Dimarzio Air Classic. It’s interesting to note that there are 2 different Fireman models pictured: one with a pickguard and three single coil Dimarzio Area 57s, and one with twin Air Classic humbuckers. Will both of these models be released this year? I’m sure we’ll find out at NAMM.

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NAMM 2009: First new Ibanez 2009 guitars

Thomann has opened up preordering for new 2009 Ibanez guitars, and while not all the photos are on the site yet, you can tell a lot from the specs. They’re talking about these over at the official Ibanez forum and at Jemsite, which is where I first heard about the Thomann links, so I figure it’s ok to re-post the info here now that it’s out there in the public domain.

For instance, there’s the PGM401-TFB (pictured). Paul Gilbert Signature, ash body, 5-pcs maple/walnut PGM Prestige neck, rosewood fretboard, 24 medium frets, dot inlays, painted “f-holes”, cosmo black hardware, fixed bridge, DiMarzio Air Classic humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, color: Trifade Burst, incl. case and leather strap. CLICK HERE to preorder. And by the way, check out his new CD, United States, with Freddie Nelson. It’s awesome.

Or how about the return of Andy Timmons to Ibanez’s endorser list? AT100CL-SB, Andy Timmons signature, alder body, 1-pcs maple neck, (AT “Prestige”), maple fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, Wilkonson by Gotoh VSVG bridge, DiMarzio Cruiser neck, DiMarzio Cruiser middle postion and DiMarzio AT1 Custom bridge pickup, cosmo black hardware, 648 mm scale lenght, color: sunburst, incl. Prestige case and leather strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

Oh and who likes maple fretboards? RG2550MZ-GW, basswood body, 5-pcs maple/walnut neck, maple fretboard 24 jumbo frets, shark inlays, Edge Zero tremolo, 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-N neck humbucker 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-S single coil middle position and 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-B bridge humbucker, with mirror pickguard, incl. case, color: galaxy white. CLICK HERE to preorder.

RG2570MZ-VBE (pictured), Basswood Body, 24 Jumbo Frets, 5-pc. Maple/Walnut Neck, Maple Fretboard, Prestige Shark Tooth Inlays, Edge Zero Tremolo, 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-N Neck Humbucker 1x Di Marzio/IBZ-S Single Coil Middle and 1x Di MArzio/IBZ-B Bridge Humbucker, 648 mm scale lenght, Color: Vital Blue, incl. Luxus Case and Leather Strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

And let’s not forget the return of the Destroyer series. DTT700-MGS, destroyer-series, mahogany body, 5-pcs. maple/walnut neck-through neck (Wizard II), rosewood fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, AR block inlays, Gibraltar custom bridge, chrome hardware, 2 x Dimarzio D-Activator humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, color: metallic gray sunburst , incl. case and strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

The Xiphos series also gets a lower cost little brother: XP300FX-BK, X-Series Xiphos, mahogany body, 3-pcs bolt-on maple, rosewood fretboard, 24 jumbo frets, white dot inlays, fixed bridge, cosmo black hardware, INF3 neck- and INF4 bridge humbucker, 648 mm scale lenght, colour: black, incl. gigag and strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

There’s also a way pimped out version of the Xiphos: XPT700XH-GSF, X-Series Xiphos, mahogany body, 5-piece maple/walnut neck thru-neck, rosewood fretboard, 27 jumbo frets, white sharktooth inlays, Edge III tremolo, black hardware, DiMarzio Air Norton (N) and Activator (B) humbuckers, 648 mm scale lenght, colour: Green Shadow Flat, incl. case & strap. CLICK HERE to preorder.

27 frets? HELL YEAH.

No news yet on the rumoured Paul Gilbert Fireman (reverse Iceman) or new Steve Vai Jem models – let’s wait and see what else is posted on Thomann before NAMM in January.

Regarding the reissued Timmons model, Andy recently posted the following on his website:

Hi Folks,

I’m very proud to announce that Ibanez and I have agreed to re-issue the original AT100 on a global scale. As opposed to the original AT100 which was a limited production (we think @ 300 were made), the AT100CL will be available worldwide and will be made to the exact specs as the original including the hand shaped neck!!

As you may recall, I announced a while back that I had parted ways with Ibanez and that I just wanted to play whatever I felt like playing. I never had any intention of signing with another guitar company as many had speculated. I did get approached by many companies once word got out (which I was very flattered by) but it was more important to me to remain independent and avoid a reputation as an “endorsement hopper”.

What I discovered in this time period is that I do love to play Strats occasionally as well as SG Specials, Teles and Les Pauls but nothing feels like “home” like my original AT100. Tone, feel and expression. It’s truly MY guitar.

As I was coming to this realization, Hoshino invited me to play for their 100th Anniversary concert in Japan w/Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert. I was very honored to be asked to do so and I thought it was cool for them to ask considering I wasn’t currently an endorsee. During my visit they approached me with the idea of re-issuing the AT100. It was just perfect timing…it felt “right”!

I know there has been a lot of interest in this guitar in the past, so I’m so happy to say that it will finally be available in 2009!

The guitar will be unveiled at the January NAMM show (and available for pre-order) in Anaheim and should be in stores by Spring.

The Andy Timmons Band will appear opening for Paul Gilbert and Racer X as part of the NAMM festivities. Good stuff indeed.

I’m off to play…I’m inspired!!!


INTERVIEW: George Lynch

Mr Scary. That muscly guy from Dokken. The dude with the cool kamikaze print and 3D carved skull guitars. George Lynch has been cranking out warm-toned, complex riffs and impossibly catchy-yet-flashy guitar solos for over 25 years with various bands including Lynch Mob and Lynch/Pilson, as well as eclectic solo works like his 1993 classic ‘Sacred Groove.’ Lynch was in Australia for a clinic tour in 2006 and he’s returning in December with the reactivated Lynch Mob, who are demoing a new album before George goes back to work with his other band, Souls Of We, an altogether darker project whose album ‘Let The Truth Be Known’ is out now (click here to buy it from

PETER: Who is in the Lynch Mob line-up now?

LYNCH: Oni Logan is back on vocals. We have Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake) on bass and Scott Coogan on drums.

PETER: From Brides of Destruction?

LYNCH: Yeah. Scott also played with Oni in a band called Violet’s Demise, which an amazing record.

PETER: Are you guys recording anything now?

LYNCH: Yes, we have about 3/4 of the album done. We reconvene in late November to finish it, and will continue finishing it til the end of the year. But I’ve got a Souls of We record coming out, which has been five years of work. I’m not sure when that’s going to be released in Australia – actually I’m going to have to look into it. But it’s being released in Japan, the United States and Europe.

PETER: And how far along is the new Lynch Mob stuff? Do you have a label yet?

LYNCH: No, it’s too soon, we haven’t even shopped the record yet. We’re just writing songs. I don’t think these songs are even in the form they’re going to be on the record. We assumed it would be, well, we were aiming for a Wicked Sensation vibe, but I’m hestiant to say it’s more of a Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi vibe. It has elements of it, but of course it gets heavier.

PETER: What is the setlist like for these Lynch Mob gigs?

LYNCH: It’s a mix of the first Lynch Mob record, and sprinkled with a few Dokken tunes. Plus whatever we feel like jamming on that night!

PETER: A lot of my friends would kill me if I didn’t ask if you have any new ESP signature guitars in the works.

LYNCH: I’ve always got stuff in the pipeline. Right now I have a weird design on the table that will probably never be produced. It’s a Lexan body with a carbon fibre exoskeleton and a throbbing rose coloured LED embedded in the body. Maybe ESP will agree to build one as a NAMM showpiece. I’m hoping. Right now the newest model that I play is the ESP GL57, a vintage-y, beat up lookin’ copy of a vintage Strat, which I had a VG control built into. It’s like an extreme rock guitar for a Stevie Ray Vaughan.

PETER: How do you go about designing a guitar with ESP?

LYNCH: I start with a sketch. I studied mechanical drawing in school and I have a small design studio. I’ll start with a freehand design then move the shape over to a graphic program like Graphite. Then eventually to a full-blown CAD program like Maxicam. I also work with luthiers and finishers on the construction and selection of the components. I’ll work with Seymour Duncan on the pickups, and a machine shop on metal parts design. I designed a custom “V” tailpiece for the high end ESP Super V, but we never finished it.

PETER: You now have a few Seymour Duncan pickups, including the new Super V. What is the creative process in making a new signature pickup?

LYNCH: We usually start with something existing. PAF always a nice start. I’m working on using different kinds of wire and windings, different gauge windings for each bobbin, different diameter and length pole piece screws, potting, etc.

PETER: What is your philosophy on distortion?

LYNCH: Less is more.

PETER: How do you generate your distortion?

LYNCH: I’m always switching out overdrive pedals. Right now I’m switching between Analog Man King of Tone, Naked OD, Keeley hand-wired point-to-point time machine boost (Lynch Model) and a Cusak Tube Screamer.

PETER: Tell us about the Lynch Box amp with Randall. How does it adapt to your different musical personalities?

LYNCH: Dave Freeman, Bruce Egnator and I worked from the bottom up, designing modules that matched some of my favorite amps: early Boogie Recto’s, Marshall Plexis, Vox AC30s, etc. I started out with Randall in the very early 80’s. I worked with Gary Sunds on the RG 100. So I’ve come full circle with them by getting on board again 25 years later. We plan on re-releasing the RG 100 amp in the next couple years. It was a very unique amp with a signature sound, and it was all transistor!

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Lynch Mob Australian Tour Dates December 2008

PERTH – Monday 8th December – Capitol, Perth
Tickets:, BOCS tickets,

MELBOURNE – Wednesday 10 December – The Hi Fi Bar
Tickets:, Metal Mayhem: (03) 9621-1666,

SYDNEY – Thursday 11 December – The Metro Theatre (All Ages)

BRISBANE – Friday 12 December – The Arena
Tickets:,, The Arena Box Office

NEWS: Racer X to play at NAMM


RACER X will perform at the 2009 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show, which will be held January 15-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Commented RACER X guitarist Paul Gilbert: “Ibanez guitars is celebrating the 20th anniversary of my PGM guitar with a concert at the NAMM show.”

The concert will take place on Saturday, January 17, 2009 at the Sheraton Park Ballroom and will not be open to the public.

Paul said, “It is very exciting for me to be the featured artist for Ibanez this year, so I am glad that I can do something special for this concert. I can’t think of anything better than a killer set of RACER X!” He added, “I can’t wait to play some killer heavy metal with my favorite metal band!”

Andy Timmons and his band will open the show, followed by a solo set from Paul Gilbert, and finally RACER X. The RACER X lineup will consist of Paul Gilbert, Scott Travis (JUDAS PRIEST), Jeff Martin (BADLANDS, MSG) and John Alderete (THE MARS VOLTA).

The last RACER X performance in the U.S. was held on May 25, 2001. It was filmed for the live DVD “Live At The Whisky – Snowball Of Doom”.

NEWS: New Satriani Vox pedals in development

Joe Satriani is working on the next few pedals for his signature Vox range while on tour. Joe’s current live pedalboard includes the Time Machine delay and the Big Bad Wah. Reports from fans who have checked it out at shows say Joe is currently using the Time Machine for short delays. It appears to have a tap tempo switch in addition to the bypass switch. The exterior design of the pedal already looks like it’s ready for production. Could we be seeing this one at NAMM in January?

Less information is immediately apparent about the Big Bad Wah, which looks a little earlier along in the design phase. I’m sure this one will be very tweakable. The first time I interviewed Satch, in 2006, he went on for a good 5 minutes just about modding wah wah pedals on his own, so I’m sure that with the combined efforts of Satch and the Vox team, this wah will be loaded with tone shaping capabilities.

The photos were taken by Satriani fan David Johnson. David said, “I took them at the Satriani show in Edmonton. There were about 20 geeks straining to get pics, but I was lucky enough to have a stool to stand on so I got decent shots of his gear.” Great pics David!

NEWS: Metallica, Fernandes, Zon and Yamaha

TMZ reports that Metallica has issued a cease and desist notice to Fernandes Guitars to stop them using Metallica bass player Rob Trujillo in their advertisements, and while the news has brought about near Napster-era levels of anti-Metallica sentiment across the internet, none of the reports seem to mention that Trujillo has had a signature Zon bass since 2004 and is now playing a series of custom Yamaha basses.

The TMZ report states: Nothing in life is free — unless you’re famous — but this time freebees have put Metallica’s bass player in the middle of a serious legal battle. Their new bassist, Robert Trujillo, had an existing promotional deal with Fernades Guitars in North Hollywood. For being able to use his likeness in advertising, Fernandes was giving Robert a pile of custom basses. But Metallica has its own promo deal with ESP Guitars — and now that Trujillo is an asset of Metallicorp, their lawyers have slapped Fernandes with a cease and desist letter demanding they no longer use Robert or Metallica’s name or likeness. Rock and roll used to be much cooler than this.

Yamaha reports that Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood master luthier John Gaudesi made three basses for Trijullo, which he is using on Metallica’s current tour. Yamaha Artist Relations manager Mike Tempesta says “The result of the custom basses we created for Robert is a totally unique looking bass. We were honored to be involved in the creative process of providing Robert with instruments exclusive for him based on his wants and desires. It’s a very satisfying process for all involved, and we can’t wait to hear the reaction from the fans that see him perform with these instruments on stage.”

Yamaha says, “The basses are modeled after the TRB5PII. They are made of 2-piece maple core, with maple wings, Indian rosewood fingerboard, a 34″ scale, and the electronics system was custom designed based on Trujillo’s specifications.”

The Yamaha bass is not available to the public yet, but we’ll see what happens come NAMM time in January 2009.