COOL GEAR ALERT: Randall NB King 100 Nuno Bettencourt amp

So this just arrived to review for a mag: the Randall NBKING100 Nuno Bettencourt signature head. More info here. As I write this it’s 8:37pm – can’t exactly crank it up right now to see what it can do – but I’m gonna have some fun tomorrow.

Wanna hear it in action courtesy of Mr Bettencourt himself?

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]Want your own? You can buy the Randall NB King 100 from Music123 here.[/geo-out]

NEWS: Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N7

Just saw this one on Guitar Noize. It appears the Washburn N7 7-string that Nuno Bettencourt was rocking on Australian Idol with Rihanna is now available from the Washburn Custom Shop!

According to the Funky Munky Music forum, The stock N7 will have a Seymour Duncan Distortion humbucker in the bridge, instead of the Bill Lawrence L500 of the 6-string version. It will have an alder body, maple neck and ebony fretboard. Price will be $US2799.

NAMM 2010: Randall NB15 Nuno Bettencourt practice amp

Aside from the official release of the NB King 112 30 watt Nuno Bettencourt signature combo amp, Randall was also showcasing the forthcoming (release date TBA) NB15 combo amp.

Look at that dear little thing. Seeing them all stacked up like that reminds me of Brian May’s famous AC30 wall.

Oh and for some context, here’s the rest of the wall:

And here’s the press release about the NB King 112:

Following the release of the award-winning NBKing head and cab, Randall Amplifiers announces the new Nuno Bettencourt signature combo amplifier, the NBKing 112.

The NBKing 112 is an all tube 30 watt combo amplifier powered by 4 EL84 tubes. It utilizes the same 3 channel preamp found on the 100 watt Randall NBKing head. The top facing gold control panel contains 2 full featured channels, clean and overdrive. The third channel is a dedicated solo channel containing drive and volume controls.

An oversized volume control and analog VU metre contribute to a vintage and boutique vibe. Two top mounted carrying handles make transport effortless. An effects loop and MIDI in/thru footswitch connections add versatility.

The front two-tone grill cloth contains Nuno’s logo and is both surrounded and divided by classy white piping. The cabinet houses a Celestion® Greenback speaker.

NEWS: Nuno Bettencourt to play guitar for Rhianna

Whoa. I didn’t see this one coming!!! Just got this email from the Extreme forum.

Hey all… Nuno here. I wanted to share some news with you… A friend and Music Director, Tony Bruno, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in playing guitar with Rihanna. Rihanna is a regular in the Bettencourt-house playlist… And as much as I dig her as an artist… my first thought was that there isn’t a whole lot of guitar in her music and therefore probably not the greatest fit for what I do. But before I had a chance to verbalize that thought… Tony said, “before you say anything let me play you the direction she wants to go live.” And when I heard it… I said wow, this rocks… it’s heavy and funky… and it hit me that this is MY shit… this is my style… how I love to play… I got very excited at the possibility of playing some of her great songs with a heavier treatment. When I asked Tony Bruno why?… he told me that Rihanna loves bands like Paramore and Linkin Park and loves to push it up a notch or two live in the rock department. Hmmm… let me think? Touring and sharing the stage with a cool and talented artist like Rihanna… and being able to bring what I do passionately to the table as a musician and performer…? IM IN! And having finished the first round of rehearsals… it did not disappoint. Even better than what I expected because she also has the most incredible band, and I get the privilege to add to their wall of sound. It’s gonna be fun. Come see and hear it for yourself!


And BTW… No… this is NOT the end of Extreme. We have a live DVD and CD coming out in early 2010 and we will be writing new material throughout the year. We had a great run across the globe on Saudades do Rock….and we’ll be back.

Um… Nuno, I love ya, I’ll support whatever you do, but I’m gonna need a minute to digest this, orrite?

NEWS: Nuno Bettencourt on How I Met Your Mother

Goddammit Nuno Bettencourt is the coolest cat alive. Not to be outdone by Eddie Van Halen’s recent appearance on that Charlie Sheen show I refuse to watch or give any coverage to after seeing it once and being thoroughly appalled by its lameness, Nuno has appeared with Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother, paying not-so-subtle tribute to the More Than Words video.

Press release:

Nuno Bettencourt, guitarist for the band EXTREME, and actor Jason Segel star in a music video for the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.

Known for their love affair with “songs that are awesome,” the makers of “How I Met Your Mother” have re-created the famous EXTREME video “More Than Words”. Other cast members — including Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan and Josh Radnor — also appear in the video.

Nuno explained the odd feeling it gave him filming a video that felt very similar to one he’s already made. “It’s bizarre looking up and seeing Jason,” he stated with a laugh. “It’s pretty interesting.” However, he added, “It’s kind of cool, because it’s not the song. It’s a completely different song in the sense of lyrics and everything, so that makes it interesting.”

Jason Segel said that performing with Bettencourt was “amazing. I feel like I have a new soulmate. We might even try to do a little collaboration at some point, so that would be a real honor.”

Associate producer Carl MacLaren explains that the idea is that “the video doesn’t live in the world of the show, like most of our websites do. The video lives in the world of Marshall’s brain. This, in a sense, is like the ultimate version of the song and we’re doing another website within the show. You’ll see a piece of the website in the episode, and the great thing is people are going to assume that’s what they’re going to see when they go to the URL — and instead, it’s going to be this high-concept video starring Nuno Bettencourt and basically a reenactment of the ‘More than Words’ video.”

SUMMER NAMM: Randall Nuno Bettencourt combo

Are you following Premier Guitar on Twitter? Besides being a great magazine and a huge supporter of I Heart Guitar, Premier Guitar rocks because they’re posting some incredible photos from Summer NAMM, including this awesome Randall Nuno Bettencourt signature NB112 combo, a speaker-totin’ version of Nuno’s NB100 amp head.

The NB100 head is still pretty hard to come by at the moment but I can’t wait to try it out one of these days. Here are the specs of the NB100 head from the Randall site:

Designed with Nuno Bettencourt and partner Peter King, the new NBKing100 is the perfect combination of classic regal looks and modern circuitry to reproduce the legendary percussive tone of Nuno Bettencourt. A classic 2-channel amp with 3 modes of operation, you can instantly select via the MIDI channel switching, a sparkling CLEAN channel with the perfect amount of drive, an OVERDRIVE for any vintage to modern high gain rhythm tones and a SOLO mode for unparalleled harmonic sustain. The rear panel features include MIDI in/thru, Power tube bias section and Series Effect loop.

3 Channels
CH. 1: Clean Mode
CH. 2: Overdrive Mode
CH. 3: Solo Mode


All Tube • (4) E34L Tubes

100 Watts

EFX Loop
MIDI In/Thru
VU Output Meter

CLICK HERE to buy the Randall Nuno Bettencourt NBKing100 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head from Musician’s Friend.

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NEWS: Extreme plans Australian tour

Here’s one for us Aussies: Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt has hinted at an Australian tour during a post on Extreme’s website. Pay particular attention to the final paragraph:

“Well, well, well… Now that we are home. Back in the U.S. of A. I noticed… with a little help from a birdie outside my window… Two things. 1. We have a new president. And 2. That I didn’t let our beloved fans in America know how much they rocked! I apologize. To be honest, the idea of doing live shows and blogging after the run was completely alien to me… as in EXTREME’s early days we never had that option. And it was only suggested to me by our trusty manager at the end of our U.K. leg, while we were in London, that I should start letting the fans know what we were feeling. So therefore it was quite a bit of time after the U.S. run so I kinda missed out. But I really wanna share with you my thoughts on the U.S. leg.

“You guys here on our home turf had the biggest and most important effect on this band. Why? Well, this was indeed the first time in 13 years that we were together and out on the road playing… For our old fans? New fans? Will anyone show up? Will they still give a shit about us? We had no idea. No matter how confident we were about our new CD, or how cocky we were about our live potential as performers and musicians, deep down we were… OK, I’ll say it… a bit scared. I mean, this our home. This is where it all started for us. So… it was gonna be up to you to let us know and give us… the no-bullshit barometer — first-impression stamp of approval or disapproval.

“And I have to say… from the first show in upstate New York to the last one in Los Anegeles, without a doubt some of the best shows on the 2008 tour… but you were the ones that whipped this band into shape… You were the first to give us the inspiration and confidence and power that made us believe that, yes… we were in fact BACK! The first to wow us with your energy and passion for rock and roll that we had been missing for so many years.

“It’s not easy coming back after so long… But you gave us a hell of a welcome back party in every city… and more importantly an incredible boost of confidence. We couldn’t have gone into the U.K. and Europe and Asia without the love that you showed for us here at home. Being the first audiences to connect with, you basically had the responsibility to get us to believe in ourselves once again. And we are deeply indebted to you. Our fans.

“Hopefully we can reconnect with you in the New Year to thank you in person. And once again… we haven’t forgotten about you in Australia, South America, Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and everywhere else that we will try to reach.”

Excuse me while I skip around the room for a bit while doing the happydance. Hehe.

CLICK HERE to buy Extreme’s latest CD, Saudades De Rock, from