REVIEW: Roger Mayer Voodoo TC Octavia

The Octavia is a classic yet mysterious effect, and one that’s particularly hard to describe with the written word. It produces an overtone an octave above whatever you play, but it doesn’t sound like a harmonizer or a 12-string guitar. Instead, imagine fuzz combined with the sound that you hear when you run your finger around the rim of a crystal wine glass, except the pitch of the glass follows that of the guitar. It can be hauntingly beautiful when combined with a clean tone or it can add a harmonic, fixed-wah-like quality to distorted ones.

The Voodoo TC Octavia is Roger Mayer’s latest iteration of his historic invention. The intention is very much the same as when Jimi Hendrix used Mayer’s Octavia on “Purple Haze” and “Fire,” but the Voodoo TC range offers many advantages. Read More …

James Ryan rocks the Roger Mayer Voodoo TC Octavia

Check out this great video of Aussie guitar monster James Ryan showcasing the Roger Mayer Voodoo TC Octavia. I love this pedal! I used it to record a song which I’m currently adding nicer-sounding drums to, and then it’ll be ready to go. But don’t wait for my track – click on the video below and hear the Voodoo TC Octavia now! In Australia, Roger Mayer pedals are distributed by Guitar Toyz.

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Roger Mayer TC Series Pedals

If you’re at Musikmesse this year, make sure you stop by Hall 4.0 booth B45 to check out Roger Mayer’s new Voodoo TC Series of pedals. The line includes the Axis, Spitfire, Voodoo Boost, Mongoose, Voodoo Bass, Voodoo Bass2, Voodoo-1, Voodoo Vibe TC and my personal favourite, the Octavia. In fact, I’m on a personal mission to make sure everyone realises how great the Octavia is and promptly adds one to their pedalboard.

The large knob on each TC series pedal can be adjusted by your foot while you play, and it also allows you to really, really zero in on the perfect setting for your particular musical situation. The two Soft Touch Small Diameter controls are Tone (with each one optimised for that particular pedal) and Output, which gives you a range from unit to the required level of boost. The colours are Cay Coral, Matador Red, Dusk Pearl, Coranado Yellow, Colonial Cream and Tropical Turquoise, and they – like the general visual design of the pedals themselves – are inspired by classic USA cars of the 1950s.

There’s plenty more info at Roger’s site.