Ormsby Guitars GTR ‘Goliath’ Headless Guitar Run

Ormsby Goliath Headless Guitar

Aussie luthier Perry Ormsby has just announced his first headless guitar, the GTR ‘Goliath’ run. It’s his latest multiscale design, and it looks like a utter beast in the best possible way.

In contrast with his beautiful custom instruments which are made in Australia, these guitars are created in consultation with Facebook groups and built at the World factory in South Korea, the same factory that builds many instruments for PRS SE, LTD, Schecter, Chapman, Dean and more. Read More …

Get Your Ormsby GTR! Quick!

11947673_10155884217040618_7705944796836529908_nThe new GTR line is Ormsby’s affordable range built by their partners at World Instruments. For full specifications, and ordering, check out the information page: http://www.ormsbyguitars.com/gtr-production-models.html. Pricing is from $1499 Australian Dollars, with a hardcase and interest free payment plans. ETA February! Pictured above is the TX GTR EATON SPECIAL, in washed black. $1749 AUD. My brother Steve has ordered one of these already and I’m going to beat him up for it. And below is the HypeGTR Multiscale 8, in Magenta ($1750 as shown, Australian Dollars).




Ormsby HypeGTR & SXGTR Production Models


If you haven’t checked out the incredible guitars being made by Perry Ormsby, where the hell have you been? Every Ormsby guitar I’ve played has been utterly flawless in its construction and tone. His Hypemachine and SX models are world-class instruments and if you’ve never played a multiscale instrument before and are a bit skeptical about the idea, these will quickly win you over. Of course, getting in on a Hypemachine run is pretty tricky and an Ormsby Customshop instrument is a pretty pricey endeavour, so Perry has announced the GTR Production Models which are still very high quality but more affordable and with solid finishes. Available in six and seven-string HypeGTR and SXGTR models, the specs were nutted out by an invited group of Ormsby fans online and the initial run of 175 guitars was presold in 19 hours. This first run is being increased to 250 total. Read More …

GUEST POST: Ormsby’s Amazing Synchronicity

944993_10152738785495618_448022147_nThere have been many times I’ve felt as though something, someone, has been looking over me as I build or repair an important instrument. The whole Randy Rhoads Tribute bass was an example (one day I’ll tell the stories, they literally freak some people out), but another happened today. I’m doing some work on a vintage guitar, restoring, and relicing (paint touch ups, and cracking, aging, etc) it to its former glory. Unfortunately the owner passed away, but his wife wants it back the way it should be (it had some heavy mods that didn’t do it many favours).  Read More …

Guitar Gallery Of The Day: Ormsby Guitars

Ormsby Guitars, from Perth, Australia, make some incredible custom instruments as well as a standard range, and they offer an intensive guitar making course which I hear great things about (and which I hope to do myself some time soon). All instruments are custom made from a variety of exotic and Australian timbers, their own hand wound pickups, and top shelf hardware. Six and seven strings, multi-scale, cool inlays… lots of eye candy at the Ormsby galleries, which you can see here.

Read More …