Epiphone Gary Clarke Jr. Blak And Blu Casino


Gary Clark Jr. is one of the coolest and nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. I interviewed him a while back for an Australian Guitar cover story and he’s a huge Epiphone fan. He’s been playing a custom black and blue Casino for a little while, and now that guitar is the inspiration for his brand new Limited Edition Gary Clark Jr. “Blak and Blu” Casino. It’s available with or without Bigsby and it has Gibson USA pickups. Here’s the press release.  Read More …

INTERVIEW: Joby Ford of The Bronx

1623664_10152187216967490_699894447_nIt’s often been said that The Bronx have taken brutal party music to a new level. Their fourth album, released last year, is ample evidence that they’ve been able to capture their frantic-yet-precise energy in recorded form (check out their frigging excellent four album, for instance) but to really feel it, to really live it, you have to see them in the flesh. And this month me and my fellow Aussies will be able to, as the band returns to Australia for about the jillionth time for shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney with High Tension. I caught up with guitarist Joby J Ford for a good old-fashioned geek-out.


How many times have you been down here now? 

Oh man… six? Seven? Maybe more? Quite a bit! I think as a band, selfishly, there are fantastic places to go in the world, and we get to go to Australia a lot. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Germany but I’d rather go to Australia… Hahaha. I think Australia has a fantastic scene and fantastic bands, and every time we come down there we discover new bands… like DZ Deathrays… every band we get to play with down there is super-inspiring and I think there’s a calibre… even dating back to bands we never got to play with like the Lime Spiders, all these great garage bands of Australia who are unsung heroes. There was a compilation that came out called Do The Pop!, which was all the unknown, sort of forgotten underground bands of Australia and it’s some of the most fantastic music I’ve ever heard. When we first came down there eight years ago, nine years ago we were introduced to it and it’s still in heavy rotation on all of our iPods.  Read More …

REVIEW: Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute

The SG Special, a Gibson SG loaded with P-90 pickups, has at one time or another been the axe of choice for iconic players like Peter Townshend, Carlos Santana and even Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. The SG is traditionally a somewhat trebly guitar, and P-90s emphasise this even further to create a sound that’s unlike anything else on the Gibson roster. The SG Special ’60s Tribute honours those old models in a much less costly manner, finding a low-cost solution to the pricey and time-consuming finishing process.

The Gibson SG Special ’60s Tribute is a limited-run instrument available in Worn Cherry, Worn Natural, Worn White or Worn Ebony. I reviewed the Worn Ebony model. It features a solid mahogany body with a set (ie: glued), quarter-sawn mahogany neck featuring unbound rosewood fretboard with simple, understated dot position markers. The neck shape is Gibson’s SlimTaper profile, which is .800″ thick at the first fret and .875″ at the 12th. It’s not really the slimmest neck you’ll ever come across but it’s certainly thinner than Gibson’s 50s profile. All the expected – nay, demanded – SG curves are here

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REVIEW: Gibson Les Paul Nashville Junior Double Cutaway

Gibson has released more variations on the Les Paul theme than most other companies can manage across their entire product line. From the highly tricked out Neal Schon model with Floyd Rose bridge and a sustainer pickup, to the simplicity of the 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cutaway, there’s something for everybody in the Les Paul line. Personally I really dig the new Les Paul Axcess, but I’ve always had a fondness for Gibson’s Les Paul Junior guitars too.

The Les Paul Nashville Junior Double Cutaway shares many common features with the classic single cutaway model that was probably most famous in the hands of Leslie West and which formed the basis of Green Day front man Billy Joe Armstrong’s signature model, but it deviates from it in several distinctive and important ways.

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CUSTOM CORNER: Swirled Ibanez RG

Here’s my work-in-progress custom Ibanez RG. The body was an eBay find, and a Christmas present from Mrs Iheartguitar: it’s an Ibanez RG570 with a custom swirl paint job by Herc Fede. For a while, Herc was selling painted bodies on eBay, as well as doing custom work, but as of July 1, 2008 he stopped taking orders for custom finishes. He plans to still occasionally offer painted bodies for sale, so check his webside periodically to see if you can snag one. What I particularly like about this body is the abstract duck figure in the top left corner of the image.

The neck was another eBay discovery, and was hand made by Herc himself. The colours are based on the Ibanez Jem 77PMC purple multicolour model from the early 90s. The neck is in great condition and feels very smooth and comfortable.

The electronics will consist of a pair of Dimarzio EJ Custom humbuckers, which are designed to sound like old Gretsch FilterTrons, and a Dimarzio Vintage Solo single coil in the middle, which is voiced to sound like a P90. I already have so many shred-style guitars that I thought it would be cool to have something that sounds a little more traditional, yet looks completely over the top.

The hardware is all authentic Ibanez, in the Cosmo colour, a kind of matte grey. The clear pickguard is from Jeannie Pickguards.

All that remains to be done now is have the body clearcoated and the electronics cavities shielded, which will be done by ET Guitars.
Other parts were ordered from World of Music in Brighton East here in Melbourne (I used to teach there, and they have an especially awesome range of Fender guitars and amps), Rich Harris’s Ibanez Rules, Matt’s Music Center, and eBay seller Kenvai.