MUSIKMESSE 2011: New Yamaha Pacificas

Check out this very, very shredworthy new Yamaha Pacifica 510V – rocking a special Seymour Duncan P-Rails too! Scroll down to the end of the post for a video of the guitar. The Pacifica is a real rock workhorse – can you believe they’ve been around for 17 years now?


When Yamaha introduced the first Pacifica models in 1994 it brought high quality, high performance no-compromise instruments within reach of many thousands of discerning guitarists on a budget. These highly affordable instruments were characterised by high-quality hardware and a superb solid wood body.

Since that time Yamaha has gone on to introduce a wide range of Pacifica variations many of which have since received international awards and as a result of this relentless pursuit of quality the Pacifica is one of the world’s most popular guitar brands.

The Pacifica story continues to evolve and innovate with the introduction of four new models at this years’ Frankfurt Musikmesse – The Pacifica 611HFM, 510V, 311H and 120H.

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