Paul Gilbert Australian Master Class tour

Paul Gilbert is coming to Oz for a master class tour! Paul is a great instructor (as you’ll soon see if you check out his ArtistWorks course) and he’s full of advice for players of every level.

More info over at Thump Music, but here are the essentials:

Dates & Times

1. Brisbane – Monday 8th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
2. Sydney – Wednesday 10th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
3. Melbourne – Thursday 11th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
4. Hobart – Saturday 13th October 2012 – 10am till 12.45pm – Book now
5. Adelaide – Monday 15th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
6. Perth – Wednesday 17th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now

Standard ticket pricing is $80 per person. However for Thump’s loyal clinic attendants they are opening up an early bird price of $69.00 per person. A Thump Music Show Bag will be supplied to all pre-paying customers, with over $50.00 worth of goodies, which judging from the pic below includes the Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter (which I review here) and Australian Guitar magazine (which I write for).

Check out the guest post Paul wrote for I Heart Guitar in 2009.

Learn to rock with Paul Gilbert & ArtistWorks!

Can’t make it to Paul Gilbert’s Australian Master Class tour? Or maybe you can, but you want a little extra instruction? Howzabout this?


Students of All Ages and Ability Levels to Watch, Question, Respond, and Learn With Legendary Mr. Big/Racer X/G3Guitarist

(May 23, 2012: Los Angeles) ArtistWorks, the first collaborative global learning community comprised of master artists and ambitious amateurs, announces the May 23rd launch of the online, interactive Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert. Most noted as a member acclaimed Heavy Metal band Racer X, platinum-selling Hard Rock band Mr. Big and a recent member of the G3 guitar super tour, “guitar deity” Paul Gilbert’s distinctive playing has influenced and inspired an entire generation of guitar players across the globe. Gilbert’s new Rock Guitar School will feature a complete course of beginner-to-advanced guitar lessons – ranging from classic riffs and guitar licks to Paul’s signature blazing arpeggios and string skipping.

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REVIEW: TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb

Okay, we all know that TC Electronic makes incredible effects. Their 2290 delay is legendary. Their G System, G Major and G Force: legendary. Their Nova series of pedals: legendary. But the TonePrint series of pedals is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something that’s going to become legendary. Because TonePrint pedals allow you to dial in your own sounds, sure, but they also give you access to finely tweaked effects designed by some of the best ears in the biz, including Dream Theater’s John Petrucci, Steve Stevens, Paul Gilbert, Bumblefoot and many, many more. The Hall Of Fame Reverb is but one pedal in the series. The others are the FlashBack Delay, Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato, Vortex Flanger, and the new John Petrucci signature modulation station, the Dreamscape.

The Hall of Fame Reverb’s controls include rotary pots for FX Type, FX Level, Decay and Tone, as well as a toggle switch for Short or Long pre-delay times. There are stereo inputs and stereo outputs, a handy unscrewable battery compartment, 9vDC power supply jack, True Bypass stomper switch, and the same basic case shape as the company’s instant-classic PolyTune tuner pedal.

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Toneprint Series Guitar Effects Pedal[/geo-out]

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REVIEW: Ibanez FRM100 ‘Fireman’ Paul Gilbert signature model

Paul Gilbert’s first Ibanez Fireman was a custom model which he designed by flipping over the beloved Iceman (Fireman, geddit?). It was available in two configurations – rare and super rare – and they were pretty damn pricey guitars. But the fans loved ’em, and when Paul appeared on the cover of his Fuzz Universe album with a shiny new red Fireman, fans went understandably nuts. What was this beautiful guitar, and could we get our hands on one? Affordably? Please?

That day has come! The FRM100 is a Chinese-made version of Paul’s red Fireman. It features a solid mahogany body (if you look close you can see where separate pieces of wood are joined together, but this is pretty much standard practice). The three-piece neck is made of two pieces of mahogany flanking a slice of maple, with a rosewood fretboard featuring simple, elegant pearl dot position markers. The neck shape is huge if you’re used to more shred-friendly designs: 22mm at the first fret and 24mm at the 12th. The frets are tall mediums, which works well with the chunky neck profile. The fretboard radius is 305mm. The neck meets the body with an intriguing joint which looks a lot like an Ibanez All-Access Neck Join (AANJ), but minus the bolts.

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]Click here to buy the Ibanez FRM100TR Fireman from Musician’s Friend.[/geo-out]

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COOL GEAR ALERT: Ibanez FRM100-TR Paul Gilbert Fireman

Paul Gilbert’s Ibanez Fireman signature model is freaking gorgeous, but the version(s) released a few years ago were also freaking expensive. Ibanez and Pablo Gilberto to the rescue! The FRM100-TR is a much more affordable alternative and it features Paul’s new DiMarzio Injector pickups (along with an Area ’67 in the middle position), which I reviewed a little while ago.

The guitar is made in China, and if you’ve played Ibanez’s stellar Artcore range you’d know that they make some great stuff in China, with especially impressive fretwork. As a Paul Gilbert fan and simply as a guitar geek I would love to get my hands on one of these for a test-drive – hell, I want one to keep now and I’ve never even played one!

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NEWS: Paul Gilbert rocks Bullet Cable on Mr. Big tour

Check out this press release and batch of photos of Paul Gilbert and his beloved Bullet Cable-connected pedal board from the current Mr. Big tour. Nice to see that even the great Pablo Gilberto does his own pedalboard setups!


LOS ANGELES, CA–Paul Gilbert, guitar virtuoso, will be traveling around the world during the Mr. Big Tour, which officially started on April 2, 2011, shredding with original line-up band members, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, and Pat Torpey. The day before the tour, Paul invited Bullet Cable designer, Ted McCann, to the practice studio where gear preparations were being finalized so that the two of them could re-wire Paul’s pedal board with the promise of cleaner tone and signal enhancement to his gear. Using solder-less connectors and DIY Bulk Cable, developed by Bullet Cable.

Paul Gilbert wiring his pedal board. (Scissors used to cut velcro. Not recommended for cutting cable)

Bullet Cable DIY Connectors, engineered DIY Bulk Cable, and the new SLUG plugs require no special tools other than a razor edge knife and a standard 2 mm hex key (a staple in most guitar tool kits).



Paul Gilbert Video:  Talking about his pedal board set-up and the solder-less custom cords by Bullet Cable

Most recently, Paul Gilbert wrote to Bullet Cable to tell them of the progress of the tour and his board.

“The patch cables are working great!”

His pedal board explained:

Set Up:

Tuner –> Airplane Flanger –> MXR Phase 90 –> Fuzz Universe –> Lehle Splitter.
Splitter–> Detox EQ (which goes out to distorted amp),
Splitter also –> HBE CPR Compressor (which is always on), –> flanger (which goes to clean amp).

Connect them and maximize the set up: DIY Cable, DIY Connectors (.44 chrome solderless plugs), and SLUG angle and straight connectors.  All available through Core One


REVIEW: DiMarzio Injector Paul Gilbert signature pickups

Paul Gilbert has been using DiMarzio pickups for, yikes about 25 years now, but in all that time he’s never had a signature pickup. Instead he’s preferred to use various humbuckers such as the Tone Zone, PAF Pro and PAF Classic. DiMarzio pickup designer Steve Blucher even told I Heart Guitar in 2009, “It would be difficult to do a pickup for Paul, because he goes between a large number of guitars with different pickups. I don’t think he’d care to be limited to one model.” So it came as some surprise late in 2010 when DiMarzio announced that not only was Pablo Gilberto getting a signature pickup, but that it would be a – gasp! – single coil. Gilbert uses his Injector set all over his most recent solo instrumental album, Fuzz Universe, and the new Mr. Big CD, What If. Both albums feature a more earthy, attack-laden Marshall roar than the hi-fi ADA MP1 and trebly Laney tones Gilbert has used in the past.

Gilbert had been using DiMarzio Area 67 single coils in one of his Ibanez Fireman models for the past few years, and the new Injector neck and bridge single coils are still paired with an Area 67 in the middle position in his Fireman. The bridge model (DP423) is one of DiMarzio’s hottest hum-cancelling single coils, with an output of 185mV and a DC resistance of 11.35k. It’s built with six individual Alnico 2 magnets and about 40% less magnet pull than a standard single coil. The tone chart on puts the treble at 6.5, the midrange at 7 and the bass at 6.5.

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