NAMM: Ibanez Paul Gilbert 25th Anniversary FRM250MF

frm1This year Paul Gilbert celebrates 25 years of being an Ibanez guy, and to celebrate Paul and Ibanez are releasing the FRM250MF, a new version of Paul’s signature Ibanez line featuring an HSH pickup configuration (the other current Fireman is SSS), a Flamed Maple top on a three-piece Mahogany body, a set neck joint, and a cool cherry red back which contrasts nicely with the yellow of the top. The pickups are a DiMarzio Air Classic in the bridge and neck positions with an Area ’67 noiseless single coil in the middle. Interestingly, the pickup wiring has no setting to select the single coil by itself: available options are neck humbucker, middle and inner neck single coils, both humbuckers, middle and inner bridge single coils, and bridge humbucker. Here are some pics! Read More …


Kate HunterFor the latest in an occasional series on I Heart Guitar I’ve asked super-talented San Francisco luthier Kate Hunter to list her five favourite guitarists. If you happen to follow Kate on Twitter you’ll know she has rather varied tastes in guitarists as well as in guitar design, and her list certainly reflects that! So without further ado, here’s Kate’s list. Enjoy! 

Hi guys.

So, When Peter suggested I do this list I responded with “Oh, I am ALL over it!” and then proceeded to spend the rest of my day and following night fretting my guts out. All the people I was going to have to leave off the list! It suddenly felt as if Yngwie Malmsteen was going to furiously barge in, shriek “How DARE you!” and crack a scallop-necked rain of tonal pain over me for my insolence, then float off on an angry neoclassical hairspray cloud back to Sweden. Read More …

The Spectra Of Plectra: Take Your Pick

big stubbyLemmie tell you a little story about plectrums. I used to always – always – use a Jim Dunlop Jazz III pick. It was my go-to pick no matter what I was playing: electric, acoustic, bass, 7-string, metal, blues, jazz. And it served me really well. But then one day I found myself in a foreign country on an unfamiliar guitar with an unfamiliar pick and I felt completely lost. Oh and it was during a lesson with Paul Gilbert, which is a real good way to feel intimidated, no matter how great Paul is at making his lessons seem fun and relaxed. A little while later, I went to a Marty Friedman clinic which was a hugely influential night in my development as a guitarist. Lemmie explain.   Read More …

REVIEW: Paul Gilbert – Vibrato

No matter what he does, Paul Gilbert’s always been great. But to me he’s at his best when he’s being fun. Fun was a crucial ingredient in his solo debut King of Clubs, and it was a huge part of albums like Space Ship One and Alligator Farm. And if you’ve ever seen him at a clinic or had a private lesson with the man, you’d know that he’s all about reminding everyone that playing guitar is one of the funnest, coolest, most awesome things you can possibly do. And that’s what’s so great about Vibrato. Paul is back to singing on many of this album’s cuts, and his lyrical take is always so charmingly skewed that you just can’t help but smile. Check out “Enemies (In Jail),” which is based on a drawing young Paul did when he was around four years old, and which posits that the best day ever would involve riding around in a racing car and catching your enemies and putting them in jail – set against a super-cool octave-pedal, whammy-bar-and-two-phasers tone and some tasty jazz-influenced guitar work.

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Exclusive Lesson: Paul Gilbert on Pentatonic Harmonies

Huge thanks to Paul Gilbert and Artistworks for providing this killer look at Paul’s online guitar school!

Paul’s heading to Australia soon for a masterclass tour thanks to Thump Music. Get your tickets here!

And don’t forget, his new album Vibrato is out next month. Here’s the UK press release:

Music Theories Recordings, a division of Mascot Label Group, is pleased to announce the 15thOctober UK release of Paul Gilbert’s 12th solo album “Vibrato”.  The album includes 4 new guitar and vocal compositions, 4 instrumentals, and 3 live cover songs from Gilbert’s 2010 “Fuzz”tour including Yes’ Roundabout, Muddy Waters’ I Want To Be Loved and AC/DC’s Go Down.


01 – Enemies (In Jail)

02 – Rain And Thunder And Lightning

03 – Vibrato

04 – Put It On The Char

05 – Bivalve Blues

06 – Blue Rondo A La Turk

07 – Atmosphere on the Moon

08 – The Pronghorn

09 – Roundabout

10 – I Want To Be Loved

11 – Go Down

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New Paul Gilbert album info

Paul Gilbert (who is doing a clinic tour of Oz soon) has a new album coming soon called Vibrato. It includes eight studio-recorded tacks plus three live tracksrecorded in 2010 when he toured Europe. It’s half instrumental and half vocal, which is awesome news for those of us who love Paul’s vocal albums like King of Clubs, Alligator Farm and Space Ship One. In fact, I had Space Ship One on regular rotation right at the time that Mrs I Heart Guitar and I found out we were going to be parents, so whenever I listen to that album it brings back all sorts of huge emotions. Anyway, the track list for Vibrato is:

01 Enemies (In Jail)
02 Rain and Thunder and Lightning
03 Vibrato
04 Put It On The Chair
05 Bivalve Blues
06 Blue Rondo A La Turk
07 Atmosphere on the Moon
08 The Pronghorn
09 Roundabout (Live)
10 I Want To Be Loved (Live)
11 Go Down (Live)

You can preorder it from CD Japan now. Here’s the regular CD version, here’s the CD/DVD version and here’s the instructional DVD.