The Pagey Project Phase 2 and postscript

I know things have been really Les Paully around here lately (don’t worry: despite how much fun I’m having with this amazing Les Paul, I’m still addicted to my Ibanii, my Taylor, my Buddy Blaze 7-string and my Fender ’62 Strat reissue), but here’s something else you might dig, regardless of which two-humbucker axe you may sling: Joe Gore’s Pagey Project.

Here’s part 1, in which Gore wires up his Les Paul with the wildly flexible Jimmy Page setup.

Here’s part 2, in which things get way crazy with Triple Shot mounting rings and a germanium overdrive.

And here’s the postscript, wherein we learn what happens next!

REVIEW: DiMarzio Area T 615

The Fender Telecaster was the first production-line solidbody electric guitar, and Leo and co got it pretty much right the first time around. The Telecaster’s design is like a perfect storm of tone: the chunky body and the bolt-on neck joint encourage a particular kind of string energy transfer that retains a great deal of treble, and this gives the Tele its legendary ring. But there are many different approaches to the Tele tone. Some players need to tame the treble a bit, some wish to emphasise it, some require lower output, some want lower noise, and some want higher output. The DiMarzio Area T 615 is aimed at modern country players who need to retain the classic Tele tone but who need something a little more finely tuned for overdrive sounds as well as cleans. These players need the true Tele twang, but they also need solid, punchy tones for the rockier styles that have progressively crept into modern country.

The hum-cancelling DiMarzio Area T 615 is built with an Alnico 2 magnet. It has an output of 200 mV and a DC resistance of 7.93 Kohm. This puts it above the vintage-toned Area T bridge (175 Kohm) and below the heftier Area Hot T Bridge (238 Kohm).

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New Pickup Day: DiMarzio Area T 615

The DiMarzio Dominon isn’t my only New Pickup Day: I’ve also just installed a DiMarzio Area T 615 in my Telecaster parts guitar. The Area T 615 is a Tele bridge pickup made for modern country music. It’s hum-cancelling and it offers increased dynamic range. It’s made with an Alnico 2 magnet, has a DC resistance of 7.93 Kohm and an output mV of 200, and DiMarzio puts its general tone guide at Treble 7.5, Mid 5.5 and bass 5.5.


I’ve given it a quick spin ahead sitting down to do a full review, and so far I’m really digging how nicely it ‘sits.’ The bass isn’t too big, the highs aren’t too strident and the mids aren’t too honky. It cleans up very nicely indeed when you pick softer, and it sounds great no matter where on the neck you play.


The neck pickup in my home-assembled Tele contraption is a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder, a very dark, woolly-sounding pickup which doesn’t seem to balance very nicely with the Area T 615, although it sounds great with its matching Quarter Pounder bridge pickup.


My dad and I put this Tele together when I was about 15. For a few years it was my main guitar, and it’s been through a hell of a lot with me. I don’t play it very often any more but when I do I feel right at home, even though I’m much more commonly found playing superstrats.


More info on the DiMarzio Area T 615 here.

COOL VIDEO ALERT: Seymour Duncan ’59/Custom Hybrid

A few weeks ago I wrote about the ’59/Custom Hybrid which Seymour Duncan announced at NAMM. Check out this new video of Seymour Duncan’s Frank Falbo demoing and discussing the pickup in comparison with a few others. The video offers a nice clear recording of the differences and ‘sames’ between the Custom, the ’59 and the ’59/Custom pickups.

What’s really super mega cool about this pickup is that it’s based on a mod developed by a member of the Seymour Duncan User Group forum. So there ya go – those of you who like to mod your gear and brag about it online (and who doesn’t?), just think – maybe the next time you perform some sweet mod on your guitar or pedal or something, it could end up as a production model.


NAMM 2012: Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa humbucker set

Seymour Duncan introduces a new signature pickup set for one Mr Joe Bonamassa. This carefully crafted and calibrated dual-humbucker set accurately replicates the P.A.F. pickups in Joe’s beloved 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul. Only 1,959 sets will be made available, and each will be signed by Seymour Duncan himself as well as Bonamassa. Each set also comes with extra features such as a special USB flash drive with special interviews, features and more. More info here, and check out the video from Joe below!

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NEWS: Sheptone prewired Strat pickguards

Sheptone Harnesses Real Tone for Strat Lovers

Port Orchard, WA  May 18, 2011 – Sheptone Guitar Pickups announced today the release of their complete assembly for strat-style pickguards.  The new harness comes fully assembled with Sheptone pickups and upgraded hardware.  The assemblies are hand wired in the United States and are designed to improve the performance of stock components but also provide the musician with more versatility in their pursuit of tones.  The harness will fit onto most strat-style pickguards allowing the player to maintain the vintage or stock look of their instrument.