Positive Grid Amp Creation Competition

Custom-Amp-CompetitionPRESS RELEASE: Positive Grid announces the first amp creation competition as a celebration of their over 1 million ToneCloud views for its BIAS amp designer app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply by submitting a short video demoing your custom BIAS amp between March 18 and April 18 you can win an iPad Air + $25 iTunes Cards! Just:

1. Create and share your custom amp patch on BIAS ToneCloud

2. Create a YouTube video about your BIAS amp, with “BIAS Custom Amp Competition” as part of the title.

3. Submit the link at http://www.positivegrid.com/contest

Positive Grid team will select the best tones and will pick one winner for the iPad Air and four winners for the iTunes Gift Cards. Winners will be announced on April 23 on Positive Grid’s Facebook wall.  Read More …

Mark Holcomb Rocking BIAS And JamUp

Screen_Shot_2014_03_11_at_11.30.42_AMb6acfeCheck out this killer video of Periphery’s Mark Holcomb jamming through some riffs using a custom amp in Positive Grid’s BIAS app and running through several features in JamUp. The song list is “Pale Aura,” an untitled demo which may or may not be used for Periphery, and “Immaterial.” “Since I keep my Fractal AxeFx-II racked up in our touring rig when we’re at home, my home jamming rig has been condensed to just an iPad and a powered cab,” Mark says. “Not only are the tones as good as any other piece of gear I own but the portability of having both Positive Grid apps on iOS makes it ideal for travel.”

Read More …

Positive Grid Launches BIAS Amplifier Modeler

biasAh, now here’s something very cool. Positive Grid has released BIAS Amplifier Modeler and Designer, an extremely – extremely – powerful amp sim app for iOS. Positive Grid is, of course, the creator of JamUp Pro XT for iOS. And with BIAS they’ve given you the ability to get right down into the fine details to build your ideal virtual amp. Change your preamp tube types, edit the preamp voicing, adjust the bias, try out various transformer types, swap out speakers and cabinets, move virtual mics around… you’ll find your tone in there somewhere! I’ll be checking this one out for you soon but here’s the press release in the meantime: Read More …