Ibanez Premium Universe & Jem Reissues!


Whoa! Christmas came early to subscribers to Steve Vai’s newsletter! In 2015 Ibanez will be releasing reissues of the blue floral Jem and the white Universe. The blue Jem – eh, I can take or leave that one – but the white Universe? Vai recorded “For The Love Of God” on a white Universe! And Korn fans are going to flip out over these too. Vai also announced that the super-affordable Jem Jr (previously only available in certain markets to combat counterfeits) will now be available worldwide! Read More …

Ibanez AT10 Premium Rosewood & PGM800 Premium

Wow, check this out: some pics posted by Takeshi Ishiguro, taken at the Musical Instruments Fair Japan 2014 featuring some new additions to Ibanez’s Indonesian-made Premium line: the AT10 Premium Rosewood Andy Timmons model and, in the background there, the PGM800 Premium Paul Gilbert model. Andy has been playing a version of this white axe onstage recently. And of course Paul is on tour with Mr. Big playing all sorts of beautiful Ibanii.


Ibanez AT10RP-CLW

Ibanez Premium 7-string!

Now, you guys/girls know I’m an Ibanez geek, right? And you know I’m an avowed seven-stringer slinger. And you might remember that I was well impressed by the Ibanez Premium series launched at NAMM this year.




That’s the RG927QM, my friend. Five-piece maple/walnut neck, bound rosewood fretboard, offset dot inlays, American basswood body with quilted maple top, Edge Zero II-Z bridge, DiMarzio IBZ-7N and IBZ-7B pickups, Red Desert finish.

Want one? Get it here from Musician’s Friend!

Ooooh yeah.