Pro Tone Pedals Mark Holcomb Haunted Delay

Here’s Pro Tone Pedals’ Mark Holcomb Haunted Delay pedal for the Periphery guitarist and all-round nice dude. It’s designed to be an ambient style delay like an old-school vintage tape echo, offering delay times from 25 to 450milliseconds, with a repeat control that ranges from one repeat through to infinite feedback. There’s a mix control as well as a volume knob which gives you anything from unity gain to a 20dB boost, enough to kick things up for solos and stuff. Pro Tone has designed the Haunted delay was intentionally designed to work well with modern high gain amps as well as classics. Mark says “I’m extremely happy with how unique and versatile this pedal turned out, and it’s been an inspiration merely jamming on it as of late. The intention here was to create something truly trippy – a pedal versatile enough to handle the soundscape-y material I’m drawn to, while at the same time having a very streamlined interface, making it easy to use as a songwriting tool – which is its main use for me.” To order the pedal, visit




New Pro Tone Pedals Bulb Deluxe Overdrive

BulbIf you missed out on Pro Tone Pedals’ limited edition Misha Mansoor Bulb Deluxe overdrive, good news! Thanks to overwhelming demand this pedal is back! But now the Attack switch has been changed from a little toggle to a foot switch, so you can kick it in and engage more definition and tightness during opportune moments. They’re available at the special price of $225 until Sunday April 13, after which the price will be $275. The pedal also sports a snazzy new look as well, and there will be a few knob options including black, red and white.

Below is a video of the first iteration of the pedal. The circuitry of the new version is the same with the exception of the move to a footswitch for Attack, so these tones are still perfectly cromulent. Read More …

NEWS: Pro Tone Pedals Gold Label Overdrive

Not content with festooning their pedals with some of the coolest-lookin’ graphic designs in guitardom (you know its gonna be a good day when you get to start it with the word festooning), Pro Tone Pedals is releasing a line of premium overdrives with a restrained, downright classy look. Visually the new Gold Label Overdrive is a world away from the psychedelic looks of the Jason Becker Distortion or the Raven Dirty Chorus. As for sonically? Well check out the description below!

Introducing the Premium Overdrive: Gold Label

Pro Tone Pedals is proud to offer the Gold Label Overdrive, the first in the Premium Overdrive line.

The Gold Label Overdrives 18 volt circuit was designed to deliver lush overdrive with the head room to provide a rich clean boost. The Gold Label Overdrive is not for everybody.

This luxurious overdrive was designed for players with exacting tastes in equipment by playing to the strengths of the ‘beauty in simplicity’ of vintage amps and modern recreations of those timeless designs.

The Gold Label Overdrives touch sensitivity will astound you as the subtleties of your technique are audible like never before.
As a tone seeker, you understand the significance of your overdrive running on 18 volts. The Gold Label operates on a 9 volt power supply, with an internal voltage converter converting that 9 into 18 volts.

18 volts provides more balanced power and head room which allows for a unwavering, full-spectrum reproduction of your guitars pure signal.

The Gold Label Overdrive creates huge tone by fusing its distortion with your clean signal. The Drive knob controls this functionality by adjusting the amount of gain and the mix of clean signal. With the drive set low the Gold Label Overdrive acts as a gorgeous clean boost. The Gold Label Overdrive will be the last overdrive pedal you’ll ever need to invest in.

CLICK HERE to buy the Gold Label Overdrive from Pro Tone Pedals.