NEWS: Paul Gilbert demos the Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger

Just spotted this at Random Chatter Music: a page at featuring Paul Gibert demoing his new singature Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger pedal.

Check out the samples here. You’ll hear several variations of the wild laser and whammy effects Paul conjures from his flanger pedal, as well as some more traditional flanger effects.

NEWS: New Mr. Big Video – Next Time Around

Hell yeah! Check it out! Here’s the new Mr. Big song, ‘Next Time Around. Wadda you think?

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Warner Japan is also re-releasing four Mr. Big DVDs: Lean Into It, Live And Kickin’, Live and Big. Bigger. Biggest! The Best Of MR.BIG. Click any of the titles to buy the DVDs from CDJapan.

For more Mr. Big and Paul Gilbert news, check out Random Chatter Music.

NEWS: News for March 20, 2009

Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single
The forthcoming Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single is one for the diehard collectors, as well as geeks like me who once upon a time may or may not have religiously collected the Star Wars Fact Files or something similar. A-hem.

The release of the singles will be staggered, beginning April 3.

CD 1 Digipack (With two clear trays to allow additional CDs)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)

CD 2 J Card (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

DVD Single (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred – Promo Video
* The Day That Never Comes – Promo Video
* Death Magnetic EPK (Electronic Press Kit – running time – 17:25)

CD Maxi Single
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

Source: Metallica
CD 1 CD 2 DVD Single

PRS Signature Series cable
True gearhounds know that your guitar cable is an extremely important part of the signal chain. You may have the best pickups and guitar woods in the world, but without a good cable it’s going to sound weak and stinky. PRS to the rescue! PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research introduce the PRS Signature Series Cables, including guitar and speaker cables manufactured to exacting specifications. PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured from the finest materials by noted UK-based cable stalwart Van Damme. Paul Reed Smith himself said “Every inch of a PRS guitar is based on decades of testing, rethinking, and reinventing. We continue to push the curve and, in regard to our new PRS Signature Series Cable, the same holds true.” PRS Signature Series instrument cables range in price from MSRP $49.95 to $64.95 depending upon length. The company’s loudspeaker cable carries an MSRP of $49.95 to $89.95. PRS Signature Series Cable is available through authorized PRS Guitar retailers and is available now. Every cable includes a full lifetime warranty.

Source: Paul Reed Smith.
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Guitar World launches news site – and I Heart Guitar is on it!
This could be quite cool. Guitar World has launched a new site which collates news from various blogs, kinda similar to Digg. I Heart Guitar is listed there, as are some of my fellow guitar bloggers including Truth In Shredding, Guitar Noize, Strat-O-Blogster, Guitar Lifestyle, Me and Mace, Random Chatter, and Jason Shadrick’s Guitar Blog.

Source: Guitar World.

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NEWS: Mr. Big Japanese tour dates

Here are the dates for Mr. Big’s reunion tour of Japan, courtesy of Burrn! Magazine (although Jenn from Random Chatter Music emailed them to me too, but I saw these first – man, information about this tour’s flying about like picks at an Yngwie concert).

June 05 – Zepp, Sapporo
June 07 – Zepp, Sendai
June 09 – Kouseinenkin Hall, Kanazawa
June 10 – Zepp, Nagoya
June 12 – Zepp, Fukuoka
June 15 – Grand Cube, Osaka
June 17 – Alsok Hall, Hiroshima
June 18 – Kouseinenkin Hall, Osaka
June 20 – Budokan, Tokyo

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NEWS: Mr. Big 20th anniversary reunion!

So I was just sitting around trying out my new iPhone, and I tested out the Google Reader. The very first heading I saw was Mr. Big Confirms 20th Anniversary Reunion, Plans To Tour Japan over at the Random Chatter Music blog.

Click the link for the full story, but here’s a little excerpt:

Feb. 1, 2009: It is the 20th anniversary of Mr. Big’s debut release (and also the 20th anniversary of Paul Gilbert’s first PGM signature guitar, the PGM 100). What better way to celebrate this then to re-form and then tour Japan, the beloved home-away-from-home of Mr. Big for many years? It will be exciting!

HMS interview, Jan. 31, 2009
Verbatim transcript follows:

“Hello listeners of Kosa Kai, Burrrn presents Heavy Metal Syndicate. Kosa Kai, who was there at the very beginning for Mr. Big, and we’re so happy to have a friend like him in Japan. And we’re very happy, and thankful, to have all of you, as our friends. So, Mr. Big’s coming back soon to play for you, we’re excited to see you all, Kosa Kai, domo arigato, for 20 great years, my brother. Take care, see ya soon, This is Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big, over and out.”

The article continues with similar statements from the other members of Mr Big.
I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love Mr. Big (there, I said it), but I really hope this will just be a one-off Japanese tour or something. I’d much rather hear Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan continue with their own music.

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NEWS: Paul Gilbert signature HomeBrew Electronics pedal

I was alerted to this by the Random Chatter Music blog: Paul Gilbert posted the following on the Racer X message boards today. 

I am proud to announce my first signature pedal, the DETOX EQ by H.B.E. (HomeBrew Electronics)

I’ve been using this pedal for the last few months and I am officially addicted to it.

Why an EQ? Here’s a detailed answer:

I have always liked to get distortion by playing through a cranked-up tube amp.

I have always liked to get a clean sound by turning my guitar’s volume knob down.

This works really well with some guitars and not so well with others, depending on the pickups and electronics in the guitar. On my Spaceship One tour, my main guitar was an Ibanez Rocket Roll II (Flying V shaped) guitar with two humbuckers. This guitar sounds amazing when it’s cranked up, but it doesn’t get that sparkly clean sound like I can get from the pickups on a PGM (which has a single coil and a 5-way switch).

To solve this problem, I bought a Boss EQ pedal and used it to turn down the “muddy” frequencies as well as turning down the overall gain. The pedal became a virtual “clean channel” and was really useful for cleaning up my sound while performing live.

But the Boss EQ was hissy (even though I wasn’t boosting anything), and the frequencies weren’t set as musically I would have liked.

Recently I have been using several pedals from H.B.E. and liked everything about them. So I contacted the people there to see if they would be interested in building the ultimate EQ pedal for me. And the DETOX EQ was born!

The DETOX EQ is noise-free and has very musically tuned EQ knobs. I used it to make subtle adjustments to my tone on the United States CD, and I’ve road tested it on my European tour. I love it!

If you look at photos of my pedalboard (left), I’m still using my prototype which is a gray box with red tape on it. I got a new one from H.B.E. and let Craig Martini use it for his bass rig. That one is yellow. I’m going to switch to a new one when I get home!

Anyway, whether you use the pedal to clean up, boost, or just tailor your tone, there is no EQ pedal that touches the DETOX in quality in tone. H.B.E. did an awesome job.

The pedal is true bypass, operates on 9 volt battery or DC adapter, and has a list price of $159. Click here for more info from the HomeBrew website, and here for even more info on Paul’s on site.

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NEWS: Paul Gilbert VIP experience

Kudos to the wonderful Random Chatter Music blog for contacting me about this. Paul Gilbert is offering a VIP ticket package for his European tour.

Jenn from Random Chatter says, “Note that a very few VIP opportunities have become available in select cities. It’s a one-hour guitar lesson with Paul + attend soundcheck + a bunch of goodies. (pick, laminate pass, t-shirt, cd, dvd, all items can be signed, etc)If you are looking for some guitar teaching from Paul, and you regret not getting a VIP at the first pass — grab them NOW because they WILL sell out fast. Some VIP’s have reported that the lesson lasts as long as an hour and a half (no guarantees, but it could happen) — and NOBODY has said that Paul failed to answer their questions, or was not helpful, etc.: everyone has said these lessons far exceed their expectations — so it’s really more then you bargain for! Read the reviews here and take the time to talk to these attendees – you will not regret this folks. In lieu of publishing the list of available tickets here, here I have provided the link: that way you will always stay current with the official info.”

Click here for a review posted on Random Chatter Music for two VIP sessions, with lots of technical detail for guitar geeks like me.

The following is from Paul’s site as of time of writing. Make sure you check back there often for the latest details and availability.
VIP TICKETS are now available for my European tour!

A VIP TICKET includes:

* A one-hour guitar lesson with me 
* VIP access to watch soundcheck 
* An official tour laminate pass
* A new Paul Gilbert T-shirt, CD, instructional DVD, and guitar pick
* And of course, a ticket to the show!

Only 6 VIP tickets will be offered for each show, so reserve yours soon!

The VIP TICKET price is 130 GBP or 160 EUROS. *

Reserve yours now by writing to:

Please include:

* Your name 
* The city and date where you will attend the show
* The number of VIP tickets you wish to purchase
* Your contact e-mail address

I hope to see you soon to teach you my newest guitar ideas!

Thank you,


P.S. It is fine to bring your guitar and a small audio recorder to the guitar lesson. If you have any other questions about the VIP tickets. Please write to:

Here are the European tour dates, and VIP ticket availability as of time of writing. Please note that ‘SOLD OUT’ refers to the VIP package only, not the actual gig, so even if you miss out on a VIP ticket, you can still get a ticket for the show. 

EUROPEAN TOUR 2008: (Remaining shows)

1 – Porto, Portugal / Cinema Batalha  (SOLD OUT) 
2 – Lisbon, Portugal / Music Box (SOLD OUT) —venue changed—
3 – Off
4 – Bilbao, Spain / Santana 17  (SOLD OUT)
5 – Aizoain, Spain / Artsaia
6 – Bordeaux, France / BT 59  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
7 – Lyon, France / Ninkasi Kao  (SOLD OUT)
8 – Prattein, Switzerland / Z-7  (SOLD OUT)
9 – Nancy, France / L-Autre  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
10 – Off
11 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg / Den Atelier  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
12 – Paris, France / Le Trabendo  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
13 – Lille, France / Le Splendid  (SOLD OUT)
14 – London, England / Astoria 2   (SOLD OUT)
15 – Dudley, England / JB’s  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
16 – Manchester, England / Academy 4  (SOLD OUT)
17 – Off
18 – Leeds, England / Rios   (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
19 – Newcastle, England / Carling Academy  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
20 – Glasgow, Scotland / Stereo  (SOLD OUT)
21 – Belfast, Northern Ireland / Spring & Airbrake  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
22 – Dublin, Ireland / Button Factory (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
23 – Bristol, England / Bierkeller  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
24 – Southhampton, England / Brook  (SOLD OUT)
25 – Brighton, England / Concorde 2   (SOLD OUT)

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