GUEST POST: Roger Mayer on digital modelling and plug-ins

I recently interviewed a famous producer who said they love to use Roger Mayer’s RM58 limiter, and they mentioned that they wished it came in plug-in form so everyone could enjoy it. But as Roger is one of the pioneers of analog music technology and is dedicated to preserving the full sonic glory of the analog audio signal, somehow I don’t see that happening. Roger has supplied the following application note explaining his discoveries on digital and its deficiencies compared to analog.


By Roger Mayer

The claims and performance of digital modelling and plug-ins have several basic flaws, which are conveniently forgotten in the hype and description of their use.

Information in the original sound source:

The fact is that you are trying to simulate or emulate a sound using a sound source that differs in one or more ways from that which you wish to emulate. Your starting source of information might or probably does not contain within itself the necessary information you are trying to simulate. It is not possible to accurately extrapolate information from any sources that do not contain it.

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