Rocking The ‘Woman Tone’ On My Les Paul

Okay, so I’ve been messing around with my camera so I can make some awesome video demos and reviews for you guys and gals, and I thought I’d upload a little bit of Les Paul noodlin’. In this video I start with the ‘Woman Tone,’ made famous by Eric Clapton. This is a little trick where you select both pickups on a twin-humbucker guitar, roll the tone knob down for the treble pickup, and have at it. It’s almost like a stationary wah-wah effect, and it’s pretty dang addictive. Following a few phrases with the Woman Tone, I flip to the bridge pickup and then the neck pickup – although the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers in my Les Paul are extremely articulate and responsive, so this isn’t even a fraction of the tonal variety you can get out of this guitar.

New song: “Talk Amongst Yourselves”

Hey! I’ve just popped a new song up on Bandcamp. It started life as a drum beat (you can hear a bit of it in the second half of the solo section) and I decided to chuck a couple of guitars on to see what it sounded like in context. Before I knew it a whole song had tumbled out, lyrics and all. But my singing sucks, so I decided to play the vocal melody on guitar instead. The lyrics are about learning, communicating, reinforcing your opinions with research and discussion, junk like that.

Check it out!

The gear is just a Gibson Les Paul Traditional (thanks, Sky Music!) with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers into a Marshall DSL50 mic’d with a Shure SM57. No pedals or anything except for a little wah in a pair of distantly-mixed background guitars.