Nick Perri’s Mount Holly: “It Ain’t Easy”

Aah this is cool! Nick Perri (‘friend of the site,’ to paraphrase David Letterman) has renamed The Nick Perri Group to Mount Holly and released their debut single, “It Ain’t Easy,” on iTunes and YouTube. It’s a killer blues-rock song with a slinky groove and some truly, truly great reverb tones and a gloriously Sabbathesque fuzzy thing happening! Hit the play button above to hear it while you read the following: Read More …

NAMM: Perri Ink. Custom Guitars


Check out these killer new releases from Perri Ink. Custom Guitars! Nick Perri has a great eye for cool guitar design, with flashes of the past and present and an eye to the future too – all filtered through the tastes and requirements of real working players.

IMG_6383The Show & Tell

The PERRI INK. “Show & Tell” was designed in part to pay homage to the band and record that gave company owner Nick Perri his start in the music industry, and also to very specifically nail three of the most significant tones used on the Silvertide record, “Show and Tell”. Aside from its comfortable body contours and stunning good looks (supplied by Casey Johnson at Headcase Kustom Art), it also features our most ambitious pickup configuration and wiring schematic to date. From a thick humbucking crunch in the bridge, to a P90 jangle in the neck, and a tapped and paralleled combination of both, this guitar can summon tones to cover ALL your bases.

Like all PERRI INK. Custom Guitars, the Show & Tell is American made, handmade, built to order, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Read More …