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File this in the ‘About Fucking Time’ folder: Mastodon have just announced their first-ever headline tour of Australia. They’ve been here before but with festivals, supports (SLAY-ER! SLAY-ER!), festival sideshows etc. But as Troy Sanders told Music Feeds earlier this year, the band has yet to actually headline their own shows down under. He said the band hoped to make it down in 2015 for their own run of dates. And now it’s happening! Here’s the press release. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Kill Devil Hill’s Rex Brown

rexrocker With Pantera, Rex Brown has created a legacy which serves as a sort of ‘how to’ on heavy metal bass playing. His heavy attack and his ability to simultaneously lock in with Dimebag Darrell’s guitar and Vinne Paul’s drums is as good an education on playing bass in a heavy band that you’re ever gonna get. Rex further showcased his sense of groove and power during his long tenure with Down, but it’s with his new band Kill Devil Hill that he really gets to shine as a bass player – without even trying. Rex’s playing in KDH is no Billy Sheehan-esque shredfest: rather it’s a tour de force of playing perfectly in the pocket and yet never being lost within the mix or underneath the arrangement. And with material that bobs and weaves through hard rock, heavy metal and grunge and even something close to blues-rock, Kill Devil Hill calls on Rex to be more musically flexible than ever while still maintaining his own musical voice. Kill Devil Hill are touring Australia in April with Killswitch Engage (read my interview with KSE’s Joel Stroetzel here).  Read More …

INTERVIEW: Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel

joel_stroetzel_03_smKillswitch Engage are in an enviable position as one of those metal bands who have survived the steady rise to fame of their youth and managed to sustain their audience 15 years into their career without sacrificing their principals or their aggression. If anything the Killswitch Engage of today is more brutal, precise and refined than ever. The band was last here in Australia for Soundwave 2013 just prior to the release of their sixth studio album, Disarm the Descent. Now nearing the end of the touring cycle for that album (and with original vocalist Jesse Leach now firmly back in the line-up after leaving in 2002), Killswitch Engage are headed back to Australia to give the album one last hurrah before moving on to their next project. “Australia’s one place where we’ve had some time to check out some cities and the wildlife and stuff,” says guitarist Joel Stroetzel. “It’s a pretty good time!”  Read More …

INTERVIEW: Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland

Limp Bizkit imageLimp Bizkit are stayers, alright? They’ve had their ups and downs, their band member comings and goings, and they’ve ridden out a particularly intense backlash against the genre they helped to define – nu metal – maintaining their attitude and sense of humour along the way. A triumphant Australian return at Soundwave 2012 helped solidify their place within the current metal landscape, and they’re back to do it again this month with a series of headline shows in Australia. “It was redeeming,” guitarist Wes Borland says of the band’s last Australian visit. “And it kind of felt like us resurrecting ourselves, in a way, with what had happened at the Big Day Out, with the young girl’s death, as well as Australia and us.” The sense of sadness in Borland’s voice as he speaks of the tragic 2001 death of Big Day Out concertgoer Jessica Michalik is palpable. “When I think about the two combined, Australia has always been tied to grief in the past, and it was nice to kind of obliterate that and meet Jessica’s family, meet the friends that had been there at the show with her when she died, and in some ways the whole thing has come full circle for us to forgive ourselves and make new memories and have the air cleared. And now this’ll be our first headlining tour of Australia that is not linked to a festival, so it’s nice to kind of hit the reset button, in a way.”  Read More …

INTERVIEW: Devin Townsend

1477Devin Townsend is many things: composer, lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, producer – hell, you could even stretch that to ‘humourist,’ and in the process draw some pretty solid parallels to Frank Zappa. But no matter which hat he puts on, whether it’s releasing albums with the  Devin Townsend Project, playing intense-yet-uplifting live shows (like his impending Australian tour) or as the lead vocalist on Steve Vai’s 1993 Sex & Religion album, Devin has always been about the pure expression of the idea. As a guitarist his style is instantly identifiable, so it seemed like a good point to kick off our conversation. Read More …

Devin Townsend Project Oz Tour

DTP - Press Pic 2012_1MBWoo! Devin Townsend is heading back to Australia in October to once again spread his particular and peculiar blend of intensity, good vibes, crushing metal, haunting melodicism and fart jokes across four states. Devin was last here for the 2012 Soundwave festival and he has a long history of killer Australian shows. The first time I saw him was in 1997 when Strapping Young Lad toured in support of City and I’ve caught many shows since. The Palace here in Melbourne is a great venue for this and I’ll be there for sure. Here’s the press release: Read More …

Opeth Australian tour

Woohoo! Opeth are coming to Australia this December to kick our collective Antipodean asses with material from their killer new album Heritage as few as a few old favourites reworked in the vein of the Heritage stuff. (Read my interview with Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt here)

Here’s the press release about the tour, for which you can thank Soundwave Touring:

OPETH are Pioneers.

OPETH continue to create epic and iconic music; inventing and reinventing the rules as they go along. With over Twenty years and Ten albums under their collective belt, OPETH’s legion of fans has grown as much as their kaleidoscopic sound has broadened.

OPETH have reinforced their hold on the mantle of the most innovative, creative and revered heavy artist of recent times with the release of ‘Heritage’…”a progressive vision of metal’s limitless possibilities when placed in the hands of our generations greatest musicians and it’s an absolute masterpiece.” – Metal Hammer

Read More …

NEWS: Periphery announces Oz tour

Periphery are heading back to Australia (home of I Heart Guitar and some of the most deadly creatures you ever heard of) with their ‘The League Of Extraordinary Djentlement’ tour with Tesseract, courtesy of Soundwave Touring. More info on the tour here. Check out my interview with Periphery’s Misha Mansoor from May 2010 here.


The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour

In just a few short years, PERIPHERY have blazed a trail of originality that has sent a shockwave throughout the metal world.

Exploring the complex uncharacteristic rhythms and technical precision of math rock with the brutality of progressive metal PERIPHERY have defied the boundaries of conventionality. Breathing life into the metal scene, proclaims “From beginning to end, Periphery’s self titled debut is a wonder to behold, and will inspire modern metal for the next decade” paving the way for PERIPHERY‘s meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the metal world.

This July sees PERIPHERY heading to Australia as part of the ‘The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen’ tour and joining the bill are fellow metallers TESSERACT. Embracing their experimental and prog sensibility garnered with a reputation for delivering jaw-dropping live performances has seen them catapulted into the forefront of the metal movement. Their debut album ‘One’, whilst intense, deep and complicated is incredibly transcendent and melodic and “It’s hard to find fault with an album this complete…powerful stuff!” – Rock Sound

PERIPHERY and TESSERACT will be hitting Australia for three extraordinary intimate performances this July.


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