Source Audio Neuro Module Sneak Peek

Wanna see something cool? Imagine taking your existing analog pedals and hacking those bad boys to connect to a hub and a MIDI controller, with presets that save the position of every knob, switch and button of every switch. Huh? HUH? Meet the Source Audio Neuro.

Neuro is still in development but Source is working with third party analog effect makers to get the Neuro Module integrated into future versions of their products.

NAMM: Source Audio Soundblox 2 MANTA Bass Filter

224PRESS RELEASE: Source Audio, creators of the award-winning Soundblox® line of effects pedals and the Hot Hand® 3 Wireless Effects Controller, have released the Soundblox 2 MANTA Bass Filter. The Manta is the next generation of Source Audio’s popular Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter. The pedal features 12 top-notch filter effects that triggered the success of the original Soundblox Pro BEF plus the addition of eight variations of on-board distortion. The distortions are not just crunch, or amp simulation; they are specifically designed to work in tandem with the filter effect selections. The Manta’s vast range of effect combinations and adjustable parameters offer an abundance of options, from classic funk tones to modern, super-aggressive dubstep wobble effects. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Dragonforce’s Herman Li

It’s always tough on fans when a singer leaves a band. Sure, Van Halen did fine with Sammy Hagar, and AC/DC didn’t exactly flounder when Brian Johnson joined, but there’s always that moment of “Oh jeez, will this work?” Post-Lane Warrant, heck, even post-Hagar Van Halen – there’s lots of scope for a misstep. Well the new Dragonforce album, The Power Within, will immediately shut up anyone who expects the band to lose some of its edge following the departure of ZP Theart. About a year after Theart walked, Dragonforce announced they’d enlisted Marc Hudson as their new voice. And what a voice. Dragonforce still sounds like Dragonforce, but even more musical, more powerful and more exciting. For a band who dishes out killer riffs and impossible guitar licks as easily as walking, kicking it up a notch is quite a feat. But The Power Within delivers.

Hi Herman! We haven’t met before but I remember you kicking around on the Jemsite forums back in the day.

Oh yeah! I still go to Jemsite. It’s got good information.

It’s been great to see forum regulars like you and James McIlroy (Cradle of Filth) going on to such big things. 

Yeah! Actually James gave me the contact with Ibanez to get my deal!

No way! 


Well, first question: What did the switch to Marc bring to the creative process?

With the switch of singer we definitely turned the whole recording process, the rehearsing, the whole band thing upside down and changed everything around. I think it was going to happen anyway, because after we finished the last album I wanted to really look back at the ten years we’d been doing the band – y’know, how we did it, how we wanted to change things, how we could make it better. So for this album and the recording process, I suppose I can almost say it’s completely different from the last album, the last two albums.

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NAMM 2012: Source Audio Soundblox 2 line

‘Boldly anti-retro.’ I like it!


Anaheim, CA – After years of releasing multi-award winning guitar and bass effects, Source Audio has taken another significant step forward with the creation of the Soundblox 2 series. The new line of effects pedals boasts a variety of advanced features in a compact, rugged, cast-aluminum housing.

The company is releasing three new products in the Soundblox 2 format. The first two are Source Audio’s award-winning Multiwave™ Distortions available in both guitar and bass models. The third is Source Audio’s new Dimension Reverb, created by legendary effects engineer, Bob Chidlaw. It features twelve unique reverb sounds and a range of useful controls.

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Souce Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah

 Wah can be an incredibly expressive effect, but it’s hard to find a wah unit that is perfectly suited to bass. And it’s even harder to find one that’s suited to grooving bass. Oh sure, anything with a low enough frequency range can handle the intro to “For Whom The Bell Tolls” with a bunch of distortion, but what about if you need a phat, philthy, groovy pulse? Source Audio think they’ve found the answer: the Tri-Mod Wah, from the company’s Soundblox range, offers three flavours of (mostly) automatic wah wah effect – Low, Bandpass and Multipeak, through eleven distinct variations.

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REVIEW: Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Distortion

The Source Audio Soundblox Multiwave Distortion is not your standard grit box. It’s a whole new approach to the way we make our guitars scream, cry, wail, grind, howl, grunt and growl. It features 21 variations of Source’s digital distortion algorithm – some conventional, some definitely not – with seven ‘normal’ settings and 14 multiband ones. Reeves Gabrels is a fan. not hard to see why.

The pedal is divided into two distinct sections – effect and switch – and while the switch is of the momentary variety, it triggers an active analog bypass which fully routes the signal around the DSP for pure tone when the effect is not engaged. At the heart of the unit is a state-of-the-art DSP — source’s proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601 and crystal-clear 24-bit converters. There are only four controls: Effect, Sustain, Drive and Output. Effect selects between the 21 different sounds; Sustain adjusts the input gain to increase the level going to the distortion effect; Drive modifies the gain of the signal going to the distortion; and Output is your standard volume control. You can also pair it with Source’s Hot Hand motion sensor ring and wireless adaptor to

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COOL GEAR ALERT: Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter (& NAMM giveaway)



Boston, MA – Source Audio, the multiple award winning guitar effects pedal innovators, will be celebrating the release of their new Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter by giving away one pedal each hour to visitors of their NAMM booth #312 on Wanna Play Saturday July 23rd. The BEF Pro is the latest addition to the company’s expanding line of bass effects.

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NEWS: Source Audio introduces Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter

Woburn, MA—Source Audio, innovators of the award winning Hot Hand® Motion Controlled Effects and the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter, are introducing the Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter. The pedal packs the power and flexibility of a rack-mounted unit into a user-friendly stompbox, staying true to Source Audio’s signature approach of offering maximum tone diversity with extraordinarily easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

The Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter was designed in the mold of the very popular Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. Immediately upon release, the BEF was incorporated into the touring rigs of bass notables, Mike Gordon of Phish, Kevin Walker of the Justin Timberlake and Prince bands, and Jai Dillon of the Jason Mraz band. Source Audio expects to see similar enthusiasm for the GEF. The pedal was already shown at the 2011 Winter NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA and received a tremendously positive response. Both Premier Guitar and Guitar Player Magazines included the Soundblox GEF as one of the most notable products on the floor in their NAMM recap issues.

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