GUEST POST: Floyd Rose Freak-Out!

floydOk Kids, this one is a cinch, but because I’m a detail freak I’m going to explain why it is so easy. For those with ADHD scroll straight to The Solution.

The Problem

You are a tech/muso/bandmate etc and are dealing with setting the intonation on floyd rose for the first time. Here’s the deal: the mighty Rose is a great tool that isn’t as hard to set up as rumoured. There are some things that actually make it easier to be consistent than other types of tremolo systems. Read More …

GUEST POST: Reducing String Breakage

joe C tele bridge exit holes post ramped smoothOkay, so we are all guitar players here, bass players, stage techs, play a bit of drums, FOH etc. Well I am (at best) below average at most of the above. Fortunately, I’m pretty handy at repairing – so I’ll try to give hints and tips through this blog, to get you through ‘the battle’ of the gig and on to fight another ‘war.’ Today’s subject is maybe one for a day off, or pre-tour if you get the chance. It’s really easy and often overlooked, and will make a huge difference to tuning and string breakage issues. If you want the straight up fix – scroll down direct to THE SOLUTION. Read More …

SHOP VISIT: Soxy Music

Recently I realised my beloved Ibanez RG370 needed a fret job. It was my first good electric guitar – Father Christmas gave it to me brand new in 1993 – and it’s seen thousands of hours of service over the years. Finally a pretty substantial buzz developed around the 15th fret. After hearing lots of great things about his work I took it to Joseph Price at Soxy Music here in Melbourne, and the dude really seemed to know his stuff. We got to chatting and his story sounded pretty damn interesting, so a while later I came back with a camera in one hand and my voice recorder in the other. Here’s our little chat!

So how did you get started? 

I started dabbling in tweaking guitars – I guess what people call setups – when I was 15. I got a Paul Reed Smith, which I still own. It came with .009s and I thought, “What would this sound like with .010s? Then I tried .011s and all these things. Then I started with my friends’ guitars. And when I was 17 I had that guitar refretted at the best guitar shop in London, who should have done a good job and were very capable, but basically they cut the fret slots too deep so it weakened the neck. I didn’t understand what was wrong but I knew that something was wrong, and I knew by their reacction and me being unhappy that they knew something was wrong as well. So I spat the dummy and went “Well I’m gonna buy some tools, and I’m gonna show you!” I started buying up cheap plywood Yamaha Strats, and I would rip the frets out and refret them. After about ten goes I started to learn what works and what doesn’t, and I moved to Glasgow in Scotland to study, where I worked part time for a violin repair guy. And he showed me, “this is a hand plane, this is a chisel,” and he taught me more useful information about wood, grain direction, run-out, all of these old-school things which helped me to start to build guitars. But it was mentally quite a big jump from repairing to building, and realising they’re quite separate disciplines.

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Seymour Duncan: Wolf Tones, plus Jimmy Page wiring!

So here’s something I’m really proud of: Seymour Duncan has just made me their Assistant Social Media Coordinator. As part of the job, I get to write cool blog posts like this one about the problem of ‘wolf tones.’ You might also dig this Tone Fiend article by Joe Gore about the versatile and mysterious Jimmy Page-style Les Paul wiring. If you’ve got a Les Paul or similar, give it a try! I know I will when I eventually buy a Les Paul (like this Les Paul Traditional in Iced Tea).

By the way, the pickups in the photo above are the Gus G FIRE Blackouts in my battered old Ibanez RG370. I really dig how these pickups have given the guitar a new lease on life (along with a killer fret job from Soxy Music). See my review of them here.

Soxy Music’s guitar setup course

Are you here in I Heart Guitar’s home base of Melbourne? Want to learn mad setup skillz from someone who I hear really knows their stuff? Check out Soxy Music’s guitar setup course. I’ve heard so many good things about this guy’s work and I can’t wait to get down to check out Soxy Music in person (seriously, it’s just up the road but do you think I can find the time to stop by? Argh!). In the meantime, check out this info from the Soxy Music website about the guitar setup course.

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