Steel Panther Give You All You Can Eat

SteelPanther_HIGH_All_You_Can_Eat_Packshot_loLook, right now nobody does 80s-style hard rock like Steel Panther. Nobody even tries. The extremely fine balance between authentic 80s musicianship, songcraft and XXX-rated green-room hi-jinx is a mighty thing to behold, whether they’re skillfully narrating a touching tale of romantic tenderness with a lot of chicks at the same time (“17 Girls In A Row”), negotiating the ins and outs and ins again of the male/female relationship dynamic (“That’s What Girls Are For”) or promoting cultural diversity (“Asian Hooker”). The band’s new album, All You Can Eat, due for release here in Australia on March 28 and on April 1 in the USA, will no doubt dive deeper into the sticky world of human relationships. Here’s the press release: Read More …

Steel Panther Return To Oz

Steel PantherEveryone’s favourite sleaze rockers (and I say that with affection) Steel Panther are heading back to Australia in December. And while their spiritual stomping ground is the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, in Oz they’ll be playing some rather high-capacity venues, such as the Myer Music Bowl here in Melbourne which holds up to 10,000. Support comes from none other than Buckcherry. That’ll be a hell of a flight from LA… And Steel Panther have teamed up with On The List to provide a variety of VIP ticket packages for the tour including dancing on stage, early entrance, meet and greets, photo ops, parties and more. For more information go to I highly recommend doing whatever you can to get drawn into the cyclone of decadence that is Steel Panther close up: last time they were in town a few of us lucky journalists got to party with the band and a bunch of porn stars pre-show and y’know what they say: what happens at the Steel Panther pre-show stays at the Steel Panther pre-show.

Here’s the press release… Read More …

Steel Panther Rock Oz

The mighty Steel Panther just played here in Melbourne, Australia and as usual it was freaking awesome. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen them (the previous three times have been at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip on their Monday night residency), and in contrast to those gigs, this was 100% original material. No “Runnin’ With The Devil,” no “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Youth Gone Wild,” or “Livin’ On A Prayer.” But their original material is more than strong enough to support a full set’s worth, and it was a killer night. Some of us media folks were lucky enough to have a pre-show limo party and a meet-and-greet with the band too, although what happens in the penthouse suite stays in the penthouse suite. Hehe.

Here are some pics I snapped on the night… Read More …

NEWS: Steel Panther’s ‘Death To All But Metal’ video

Anyone who’s spent more than a passing moment on Metal Sludge is no doubt aware of the great Steel Panther. Well they’ve finally filmed a video for their awesome track ‘Death To All But Metal.’ This track was featured on the Metal Sludge compilation CD ‘Hey – That’s What I Call Sludge’ back when Steel Panther were known as Metal Skool (actually they’re credited as the Metal Sludge All-Stars on the CD but I digress …)

Fun fact! Steel Panther features guitarist Russ Parrish, who was in Fight with Rob Halford, and Paul Gilbert’s cover band Electric Fence.

Oh, if you’re offended by naughty language or are at work, um… you might wanna skip this.

Look for a cameo from Sarah Silverman too.