NAMM 2012: EMG artist signing schedule

Here are the NAMM signing times for EMG artists Mike Keneally, Tosin Abasi, Gary Holt, Alexi Laihi, Wayne Static, Adam Dutkiewicz, Stu Hamm, Rex Brown, Evan Brewer, Steve Smyth, Rusty Cooley, Michael Keene, Mike Inez, Tony Campos, David Ellefson, Richie Faulkner, Stephen Carpenter, Eric Peterson.

NAMM 2009: Schecter 8-string

This just landed in my inbox… now THAT’S the stuff. Want!!!

The new Schecter Hellraiser C-8 has 8 strings (the lowest is tuned down to F#, but I figure that if you’re going to go that low anyway, you might as well tune it down to E so you can play octave-down power chords, Drop-D-style.
By the way, check out that ad copy: “A custom designed Hip-Shot bridge that DOES intonate…” Who could they be taking a dig at there? The only other production 8 strings I know of are the
Ibanez RG2228
, which has the genius FXEdge bridge, and the ESP/LTD Stephen Carpenter models. Hmmm…