Check Out Mick Mars’s Music Man Cutlass


Check out this pic from Music Man’s Instagram yesterday: Motley Crue’s Mick Mars – or should that now be ‘Former Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars’ – playing a new Music Man Cutlass guitar. Mick’s guitar has a Floyd Rose bridge and a humbucker in the bridge position but the regular Cutlass model is visible here, with three single coil pickups and a traditional non-locking vibrato.  Read More …

Sterling By Music Man JP70D


If you want to add a little of Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci’s sonic mojo to your tone – a rather worthy goal, if you ask me – you could do a lot worse than to check out Petrucci’s line of signature guitars through Ernie Ball Music Man. They occupy a unique niche among shred-friendly guitars because their construction feels much more “serious-persons’ guitar” than the average shred plank. But Music Man guitars come with a price tag that reflects their quality. i.e.: they’re pretty dang pricey. So with the Sterling By Music Man line, the company has endeavoured to bring more affordable versions of some of their designs to players who might not have the financial wherewithal to walk home with the California-made stuff. The JP70D is based on Petrucci’s first Music Man model (there are a few other shapes now including the JPX and Majesty), and it’s made in Indonesia. Read More …

REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man LK100D

lukeSteve Lukather is one of Ernie Ball Music Man’s greatest ambassadors. He’s been playing his signature line on stage and in the studio for decades now, on G3 tours, with Ringo Starr, as a solo artist and of course with his legendary band Toto. Luke’s EBMM models are all incredibly playable and they all have a rich, rounded tone – especially the most recent iteration, the Luke III line featuring Luke’s new signature DiMarzio Transition passive humbuckers. Now Luke’s design is more accessible thanks to the Sterling By Music Man LK100D, which includes his signature pickups as well as much of the LIII’s distinctively smooth vibe. Read More …

Sterling By Music Man Luke LK100D

Luke2 (2) (624x1024)Just saw something incredibly cool over on the Ernie Ball forums: a Sterling By Music Man Steve Lukather model called the LK100D, based on Lukather’s EBMM Luke III model! The news was confirmed by Brian Martin of Praxis Musical, home of Sterling By Music Man. He says: “We are proud to announce to you our newest Sterling By Music Man Artist Signature Series. This Artist is one whose talent resides in the upper echelon of Grammy Award winning musicians, known world-wide, a true “players player”.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Luke.
Please welcome to our fine family of Artists, the new for 2014 Sterling By Music Man LK100D Steve Lukather Artist Signature Guitar!
Available worldwide February 2014
The new LK100D is based on the newest incarnation of the Music Man Luke III. It features two DiMarzio Luke Signature “Transitions” humbuckers, a “push-push” Active volume boost based on the original Music Man design, 5 position pickup selector, Vintage Tremolo factory set for full step and a half pulls, locking tuning machines, and will, for now, be available in Luke Blue and Metallic Black. Read More …

REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man JP70

JP70Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci’s Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitar is a real pro-level piece of kit, and one of those sig instruments that is even able to transcend its association with a particular artist and instead become adopted by players at large. Besides Petrucci you can often see them in the hands of Joe Bonamassa and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb, for instance. But the asking price – although well worth it – is out of the reach of many players. Sterling By Music Man to the rescue! After successfully offering six-string JP-60 for a few years, the brand has now released its first seven-string version, the JP70.
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Wanna buy one? Click Here for Stealth Black or here for Transparent Green Burst.

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So this looks interesting…

JP70 Prototype

Keep your eye on the Sterling By Music Man Facebook Page in case they release more pics of this new John Petrucci JP70 model! You can read more from the company in this thread on, but here’s the deal: in the USA these two colours (Transparent Green Burst and Transparent Purple Burst) will be available via independent dealers, while a black satin version will be exclusive to Guitar Center/Musician’s Friend. International availability will be determined via meetings with international distributors (such as my buddies at CMC Music Australia) during NAMM.


REVIEW: Sterling By Music Man S.U.B AX3

The Sterling By Music Man S.U.B Series family of instruments are designed to provide a new level of quality, features and value for the beginning or intermediate player. Part of this philosophy includes using established (and very player-friendly) Ernie Ball Music Man designs such as the Silhouette and Axis as the basis for budget-priced guitars. A lot of us might remember the SUB name from a previous attempt by EBMM to make their designs more affordable: the original SUB instruments were US-made but with more budget-friendly finishing techniques. The new S.U.B line is made in Asia, and ironically the finishes look a lot prettier than the old SUB line, which had a sort of industrial vibe.
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CLICK HERE to buy the Sterling By Music Man S.U.B Ax3 from Musician’s Friend for $249.

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