Black Lightning Gallery Steve Vai Signature Edition

Steve Vai Black Lightning Gallery

Black Lightning Gallery has just unveiled the Steve Vai Signed Editions, beautifully presented, historically awesome images photographed by Gene Kirkland and personally signed and numbered by Steve and Gene. There are two images in the run: “Wings Of The Storm,” featuring Steve during his Whitesnake era during the “Fool For Your Loving” video shoot in 1989, and “Goin’ Crazy,” capturing Steve in 1985 with his famous flame guitar as seen in the David Lee Roth ‘Goin Crazy’ Video from Eat ‘Em And Smile.

These images are both printed to the highest standards at Giclée Fine Art print archival gallery quality and they’re extremely limited: only 15 of each exist, priced at $777 each unframed or $930 framed. They’re each presented with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity and each print is numbered in sequence as ordered. This is serious ‘deluxe mancave’ stuff.

New Steve Vai Live Album!

Steve Vai Stillness In Motion

Can’t wait for this one! Steve Vai has signed a new deal with Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings, and the first release is a new live album and DVD recorded in LA in 2012 on the Story of Light World Tour.

Click here to order Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A. on DVD.

Click here to order Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A. on CD.

PRESS RELEASE: Sony Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings have signed virtuoso guitarist/composer/pro- ducer Steve Vai to a new multi-album agreement which includes plans to issue two fresh Vai sets in 2015 beginning with the release of Stillness In Motion – Vai Live in L.A. on April 7, 2015. Read More …

Steve Vai On Renman Live Tomorrow

Oh this sounds cool. Steve via will be the featured guest on Steve Rennie’s’s web show Renman Live on his Renman Music & Business site, Wednesday February 11 at 1pm EST/10am PST. You can watch it live on YouTube at and if you need a world time calculator to figure out what time that is where you are in the world, head to

PRESS RELEASE: Renman Music & Business, the music industry mentoring website founded by longtime industry veteran, Steve Rennie (aka “Renman”), will broadcast the next episode of its Renman Live web show this Wednesday, February 11 with special guest, guitarist/songwriter, Steve Vai. The show will air live starting at 10:00 a.m. PST / 1:00 p.m. EST on the Renman MB YouTube channel at: A teaser video for the episode can be seen online at: Head over to Renman Music & Business at: more info. Read More …

Ibanez Premium Universe & Jem Reissues!


Whoa! Christmas came early to subscribers to Steve Vai’s newsletter! In 2015 Ibanez will be releasing reissues of the blue floral Jem and the white Universe. The blue Jem – eh, I can take or leave that one – but the white Universe? Vai recorded “For The Love Of God” on a white Universe! And Korn fans are going to flip out over these too. Vai also announced that the super-affordable Jem Jr (previously only available in certain markets to combat counterfeits) will now be available worldwide! Read More …

Steve Vai Planning Stripped-Down Guitar Record

Steve VaiI love Steve Vai’s compositional spirit, his flair for the inventive and his fearlessness for the experimental. But y’know what? Playing guitar like a hyperactive squirrel is also fun, and while we all know Vai’s got incredible technical capabilities, he most often employs them in the service of the composition. Sure, in Vai’s case ‘composition’ can mean some pretty intense, intricate music that ushers humanity to a new level of light and understanding and peace and love and good happiness stuff. But some people just want to hear Vai play the freaking guitar. Well from the sounds of Vai’s latest newsletter, those fans are going to get their chance. Vai says ” Remember how I use to say that I don’t feel that I have made a record that fully encompasses my potential on the guitar? Well, this one will. I’ve been challenging you all with records that have tremendous diversity on them. Well I’m ready for a totally instrumental, stripped down, guitar record.”

Below is the letter from the latest mail-out. But be sure to sign up for it, alright? You don’t wanna miss stuff like this. Head to and look in the bottom right corner. Read More …

Steve Vai Releases Vai360° iOS App

vaiSteve Vai and Mativision have just released Vai360°, an interactive iOS app which lets you stand onstage with Steve and band to experience a live concert happening all around you. Captured at a recent Vai show at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, the app gives you access to six different cameras which you can virtually rotate (either manually or using your device’s gyro feature), or you can put the app in Auto mode to call the shots for you. There’s also a tour of Vai’s Harmony Hut studio where you can covet his guitars and amps in 360 degrees while he talks you through what’s what. I’ve been messing around with the app this morning and it’s really cool. Man, Vai uses every centimetre of that stage, doesn’t he! Check out the video below and read the press release. Then go get it in the app store! Read More …