NEWS: News for March 20, 2009

Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single
The forthcoming Metallica ‘Broken, Beat & Scarred’ single is one for the diehard collectors, as well as geeks like me who once upon a time may or may not have religiously collected the Star Wars Fact Files or something similar. A-hem.

The release of the singles will be staggered, beginning April 3.

CD 1 Digipack (With two clear trays to allow additional CDs)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)

CD 2 J Card (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

DVD Single (To be collected and to insert into CD 1)
* Broken, Beat & Scarred – Promo Video
* The Day That Never Comes – Promo Video
* Death Magnetic EPK (Electronic Press Kit – running time – 17:25)

CD Maxi Single
* Broken, Beat & Scarred
* Broken, Beat & Scarred (live)
* End Of The Line (live)
* Stone Cold Crazy (live)
* Of Wolf And Man (live)

Source: Metallica
CD 1 CD 2 DVD Single

PRS Signature Series cable
True gearhounds know that your guitar cable is an extremely important part of the signal chain. You may have the best pickups and guitar woods in the world, but without a good cable it’s going to sound weak and stinky. PRS to the rescue! PRS Guitars and Bond Music Research introduce the PRS Signature Series Cables, including guitar and speaker cables manufactured to exacting specifications. PRS Signature Series Cable is manufactured from the finest materials by noted UK-based cable stalwart Van Damme. Paul Reed Smith himself said “Every inch of a PRS guitar is based on decades of testing, rethinking, and reinventing. We continue to push the curve and, in regard to our new PRS Signature Series Cable, the same holds true.” PRS Signature Series instrument cables range in price from MSRP $49.95 to $64.95 depending upon length. The company’s loudspeaker cable carries an MSRP of $49.95 to $89.95. PRS Signature Series Cable is available through authorized PRS Guitar retailers and is available now. Every cable includes a full lifetime warranty.

Source: Paul Reed Smith.
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Guitar World launches news site – and I Heart Guitar is on it!
This could be quite cool. Guitar World has launched a new site which collates news from various blogs, kinda similar to Digg. I Heart Guitar is listed there, as are some of my fellow guitar bloggers including Truth In Shredding, Guitar Noize, Strat-O-Blogster, Guitar Lifestyle, Me and Mace, Random Chatter, and Jason Shadrick’s Guitar Blog.

Source: Guitar World.

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GUEST POST: Stratoblogster – Fender not stopping at Road Worn Series (Parody)

In a last minute scramble to add just one more price point in time for Winter NAMM ’09 in Anaheim, Fender has decided to follow its new MIM Road Worn Series with a Squier Relic treatment.

This newest Squier RUG BURN Series will incorporate the ever popular aging & distressing features into the Indonesian produced Squier line of guitars & basses, to be priced at a mid point between the standard Squier line and the Standard Baja manufactured products.

According to a company spokesperson, “We have a 10-15 age demographic just ready to make the jump from game controllers to a product with the appearance of something a great grandparent might have owned. It’s important to keep that heritage going, and at $329 we feel the RUG BURN Series is gonna fit right into that Xbox 360 niche. Creating another price point was only a minor consideration– as our priority is simply to service the needs of our public in the best way possible.”

Each RUG BURN Series instrument begins as a standard finished Squier model, which is then placed into “the tumbler”; a large rotating drum– similar to a concrete mixer, which is lined with Dupont Stainmaster berber style carpeting. During the tumbling process thousands of walnuts are introduced along with dried mustard for age tinting. After leaving the tumbler, the guitar is then “dusted” off with high pressure air & Kool Menthol unfiltered tobacco jets, after which the strings are finally added. Then each Rug Burn Series model is prepared for shipping in its own Dupont Stainmaster berber style carpet lined gig bag along with a Dupont Stainmaster berber style carpet strap.

Both the gig bag and strap are designed to help maintain the freshness of your RUG BURN Series instrument’s finish for many years to come.

Watch for the RUG BURN Series! And remember, it’s not a Squier Rug Burn unless it has the, “RUG BURN Series” sticker on the pickguard. So take one for test tumble soon at your nearest Fender dealer and you might just walk out with a Rug Burn of your very own!


This is a guest post by JP from Stratoblogster – a very cool site with lots of great content, Stratty and otherwise. Go check it out! Here are some stories to get you started.

Rehab Series Strats coming next

Experts warn: Too much Telecaster ‘not safe’

Relic guitar treatment approved

Be a Relic guitar player!

Beyond Relic-Aged Strat progressions

Diane von Furstenberg Designer Strat? Stuff Happens…

A Strat For Friday #11: ‘McStrat!’

NEWS: Earvana compensated nut for Floyd Rose coming soon

I was just cruising the Earvana website after following a link from Strat-O-Blogster, and I noticed that Earvana is working on a compensated nut for Floyd Rose guitars. This is great news for those of us who love their whammy bar freakouts but wish their guitars had better intonation. 

The Earvana nut optimises the scale length of each string for better intonation between the 1st and 12th frets, so chords sound more in tune and notes ‘sit’ easier in a mix. I’ve tried the Earvana system on a bunch of guitars (including many ESPs) and I find it to be a really useful, unobstructive way of attaining vastly improved intonation.
Perhaps the only option out there that beats it is the True Temperament system, but the Earvana system is by far the cheapest and easiest option. Let’s not forget the Buzz Feiten method though, while we’re having an intonation-improving love-in, but Earvana certainly beats Buzz in terms of bucks and ease of implementation.

NEWS: Shoutout to Strat-o-blogster

I recently stumbled upon the excellent Strat-o-blogster blog which features lots of great Stratty goodness. Site owner JP has a very easy-to-read style, is very knowledgable and has a great sense of humour – some of these posts have me spraying coffee out my nose. I’m slowly working my way through backposts, in between practicing my Jason Becker arpeggios and trying to nail the marimba solo from St Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
on guitar.

And what better way to while away the hours when I’m supposed to be working than looking at unusual and awesome Strats like the Japanese-made 68 Zebrawood Stratocaster reissue pictured here?