Johnny Marr Unveils New Song, Tour Dates

d424475aEarlier this year the legendary Johnny Marr released his first ever solo album, The Messenger. Marr’s new song, The It-Switch, which is streaming now at Pitchfork, is the b-side to his new single New Town Velocity, a track from the album. The single will be released exclusively in the U.K. next week as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, and an iTunes download. By the way, Marr’s signature Fender Jaguar has got to be one of the coolest guitars in the current Fender catalog – hell, it’s really the ultimate Jaguar, with everything that’s great about the Jag and none of the bad bits that kept some players away. Check it out here. Read More …

NEWS: Johnny Marr says don’t get your hopes up about The Smiths

Those of us who would dig the hell out a Smiths reunion, and have been leaping about like lunatics recently as word spread that singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr had started talking again, have been dealt a crushing blow, more devastating than the betrayal of Han Solo by Lando Calrissian, with Marr releasing the following statement:

The stories circulating about a Smiths reunion are as usual untrue. I’m currently very excited about writing and recording with The Cribs for a new album to be released next Summer and we’re playing shows in February, so going back in time isn’t in my plans.

Normally I think reunions can be pretty lame, but awww, c’mon!!!

This year I saw Marr play with Modest Mouse at the V Festival and it was a totally killer gig.

Oh well, I’ll redivert my reunion-wish energy to hoping Coverdale Page do another album.