Check out the Thermion Zero dynamic hybrid amplifier

Shout-out to José Manuel Martínez García-Casarrubios, who just emailed me about the Thermion Zero dyamic hybrid amplifier, currently funding on Kickstarter. This thing looks like it can do everything: stereo amplifier with inbuilt reverb, headphone amp, direct recording device with speaker modeller, power amp for your digital processor… you could use it to turn your pedalboard into an amp, or take a line out from your amp head and use it to drive a couple of extra speaker cabinets with stereo effects. There’s a preamp loop so you can use whatever preamp you like (in addition to the inbuilt, pedal-friendly one) too.

Here’s some info from the Kickstarter page:

As guitarists, we have always dreamed of a portable amplifier that would allow us to play live, rehearse or practice at home just with our pedals.

During two years of development, we’ve created a dynamic hybrid amplifier that retains the analog tone of a big tube amp, in a portable size, that you can carry anywhere. With our Class D hybrid power technology, with two real 40 watt outputs, we have reproduced the behavior of a tube amp’s transformers and all of their harmonics.

Zero has a clean analog preamp, stereo effects loop, stereo reverb and a preamp loop, so you can switch between its internal preamp and your own. Its emulated outputs equip our ‘Analog Speaker Modeling’ technology, which recreates the behavior of a real speaker cabinet using only analog circuits, to retain all the dynamics of your tone.

Thermion Zero is the hybrid revolution of simplicity and portability. Open up a whole new world of possibilities for your pedalboard with Zero.