My Jam With Joe Satriani

Peter and JoeWe’re in the past. I’m about 15 years old. I’m sitting on my bed trying to nail that incredible solo from Joe Satriani’s Crushing Day. I’m getting pissed off. This is hard. Try it again. Argh! Hit a clanger about a quarter of the way in. Start again. Frig. Only got two bars in that time and hit a bad harmonic. Argh. Aaaarrgh! Argh.

My dad walks in.

“What the hell is going on?”

“I’m trying to learn this Joe Satriani solo but it’s impossible!”


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Aussies: Wanna Jam With Joe Satriani?

Satriani-Dublin-88-Copy-200x300Thump Music will give fans the opportunity to jam with the one and only Joe Satriani during his Australian masterclass tour in April.

To enter, upload a video to YouTube of yourself jamming to a Satriani song, including ‘Thump Music in the title and place your full name, ticket ID and state in the video description.

Thump will post the videos on their Facebook page for the public to vote, and the most likes wins. The players from the top three videos in each state will be invited to jam with Joe at the clinic.

The competition closes on March 29.

By the way, tickets are $80 per person and there will be giveaways and extras, from pedals and strings to instruments.

Bookings here.

Joe Satriani Australian Masterclass Tour


Dates & Times

Brisbane – Monday 8th of April 2013 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
Sydney – Wednesday 10th of April 2013 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
Melbourne – Saturday 13th of April 2013 – 12pm till 3:00pm – Book now
Adelaide – Monday 15th of April 2013 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
Perth – Wednesday 17th of April 2013 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now

Exclusive Lesson: Paul Gilbert on Pentatonic Harmonies

Huge thanks to Paul Gilbert and Artistworks for providing this killer look at Paul’s online guitar school!

Paul’s heading to Australia soon for a masterclass tour thanks to Thump Music. Get your tickets here!

And don’t forget, his new album Vibrato is out next month. Here’s the UK press release:

Music Theories Recordings, a division of Mascot Label Group, is pleased to announce the 15thOctober UK release of Paul Gilbert’s 12th solo album “Vibrato”.  The album includes 4 new guitar and vocal compositions, 4 instrumentals, and 3 live cover songs from Gilbert’s 2010 “Fuzz”tour including Yes’ Roundabout, Muddy Waters’ I Want To Be Loved and AC/DC’s Go Down.


01 – Enemies (In Jail)

02 – Rain And Thunder And Lightning

03 – Vibrato

04 – Put It On The Char

05 – Bivalve Blues

06 – Blue Rondo A La Turk

07 – Atmosphere on the Moon

08 – The Pronghorn

09 – Roundabout

10 – I Want To Be Loved

11 – Go Down

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REVIEW: EBS OctaBass octave divider

The octave pedal is an often overlooked tool which can fill in the lower range while a funk or fusion bass player explores higher regions of the neck. It’s also a great way for rock and metal players to add some extended rumble and grind to their sound, or for R&B players to tap into some of the multi-octave vibe that their organ-playing bandmates enjoy. The EBS OctaBass offers a little more control for most, in a robust, reliable package.

There are two control pots on the OctaBass: Normal and Octave. This allows you to blend precise levels of both the octave and natural notes, from a little octave to nothing but, and anything in between. Sure, EBS could have gotten away with a single ‘blend’ pot, but this gives you finer control. There’s also a three-position Range switch which gives you three modes: High (synth), Mid (Classic divider) and Low (low, low low).

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Paul Gilbert Australian Master Class tour

Paul Gilbert is coming to Oz for a master class tour! Paul is a great instructor (as you’ll soon see if you check out his ArtistWorks course) and he’s full of advice for players of every level.

More info over at Thump Music, but here are the essentials:

Dates & Times

1. Brisbane – Monday 8th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
2. Sydney – Wednesday 10th of October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
3. Melbourne – Thursday 11th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
4. Hobart – Saturday 13th October 2012 – 10am till 12.45pm – Book now
5. Adelaide – Monday 15th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now
6. Perth – Wednesday 17th October 2012 – 7.30 pm till late – Book now

Standard ticket pricing is $80 per person. However for Thump’s loyal clinic attendants they are opening up an early bird price of $69.00 per person. A Thump Music Show Bag will be supplied to all pre-paying customers, with over $50.00 worth of goodies, which judging from the pic below includes the Pickmaster Plectrum Cutter (which I review here) and Australian Guitar magazine (which I write for).

Check out the guest post Paul wrote for I Heart Guitar in 2009.