COOL GEAR ALERT: New Dunlop Slash pedals

Whoa! Okay, two of my favourite effects are my octave pedal and an MXR Jimi Hendrix System Octave Fuzz. Looks like MXR and Slash have gone and combined their essences into one imposing chimera of tonal goodness in the form of the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz. This little box features fuzz tone with a separate Sub Octave voice and an Octave Up Fuzz, and in true Dunlop/MXR style it features even more tweakability than it initially appears: in addition to Volume, Tone, Fuzz, Sub Octave and Octave Up controls, there are also two internal trimpots to adjust the gain and tone of the Octave Up effect. Want! And there’s also a new Slash Cry Baby with a deeper voicing, which you know has gotta be cool – after all, Slash knows his way around a wah!

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Dunlop Proudly Presents The MXR Slash Octave Fuzz & Slash Cry Baby Classic


Dunlop and Slash have teamed up to create a triad of products due out just ahead of the guitar legend’s latest album release, Apocalyptic Love.

With Slash’s own experimentation and input, we created two pedals to complement his raw, expressive sound: the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz and the Slash Cry Baby Classic. The Slash Octave Fuzz features a searing fuzz tone that can be combined with a separate sub octave voice and an octave up fuzz to thicken up your tone with a sinister growl. The Slash Cry Baby Classic is tuned to a lower frequency and features a custom-wound resonance inductor, giving this wah-wah a huge dynamic range and a wide sweep.

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NEWS: Jim Dunlop’s mega Tortex 30th anniversary giveaway

That little Jim Dunlop Tortex tortoise has probably been used on more power chords, pentatonic licks, earth-shattering riffs and tenderly strummed campfire interludes than any other amphibian. Tortoises are famously long-lived, and this one is celebrating its 30th birthday. As far as guitar picks go, that’s a pretty impressive milestone, but it has a long way to go to catch up to Harriet.


Dunlop Tortex Picks Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary with a Ten Year Supply of Picks and a $1,000 Shopping Spree on

Dunlop’s Tortex pick has hit its 30th anniversary, created in 1981 and since becoming the #1 selling pick in the world and the pick of choice for the top guitarists and bass players in the world, such as Slash, Tony Iommi, Jerry Cantrell, Duff McKagan, Jim Root, Mick Mars, Billy Corgan, Paul Gilbert, Dave Mustaine, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Dave Grohl and Ben Harper.
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NEWS: Dunlop releases Tortex TIII picks

Jim Dunlop’s new Tortex TIII picks are now shipping. I got my grubby hands on a few of these at NAMM and you can read my review here.


Dunlop is now shipping the newly designed Tortex TIII picks.

We’re marking the 30th anniversary of Tortex picks with the Tortex TIII, a natural evolution that combines the legendary tone and feel of Tortex material with the speed and precision-enhancing Jazz III tip. The Tortex TIII picks are available in all standard Tortex gauges: .50mm, .60mm, .73mm, .88mm, 1.0mm, and 1.14mm.

For 30 years, Dunlop Manufacturing has carefully designed and manufactured Tortex picks for the characteristic memory and minimum wear that artists have come to rely on.

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