Rare Green Ibanez Universe On eBay


Hey folks! Happy 2016! Thought I’d kick the year off with this beauty: a 1991 Ibanez Universe UV777 GR Loch Ness Green 7-string. These are super-rare, and this one is on eBay right now with a Buy It Now price of $US4,499. These came out at a time when bright guitars with Floyd Roses were about to dip from favour amid the rise of grunge, and only a small number were made. I’ve never seen one in person but I hope Ibanez reissues them one of these days. I feel like this model would have a much better chance of catching on today than it did back in its day. Check it out on eBay here.

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Fascinating Facts About Steve Vai’s Passion And Warfare


Steve Vai’s Passion & Warfare turned 25 years old this past July, and the guitar has never been the same. Part hard rock, part psychedelia filtered through 80s neon, part Looney Toons soundtrack, part Zappa, Passion & Warfare found Vai breaking out on his own with an incredible level of focus and determination. Read More …

Ibanez Premium Universe & Jem Reissues!


Whoa! Christmas came early to subscribers to Steve Vai’s newsletter! In 2015 Ibanez will be releasing reissues of the blue floral Jem and the white Universe. The blue Jem – eh, I can take or leave that one – but the white Universe? Vai recorded “For The Love Of God” on a white Universe! And Korn fans are going to flip out over these too. Vai also announced that the super-affordable Jem Jr (previously only available in certain markets to combat counterfeits) will now be available worldwide! Read More …

SPONSORED POST: YourInstrument.com

As you guys know, I’m a huge guitar geek and my tastes range from pointy, neon-coloured shred axes with Floyd Roses to classic semi-hollowbodies with Bigbsy vibratos. So when the fine folks at YourInstrument.com asked me to write a sponsored post, I thought the perfect thing to do would be to have a look around at the wide variety of instruments for sale. Because a) it’d be a great way to show the diversity of instruments that folks like you and I are using the site to buy/sell, and b) because nothing is more fun than looking at electric guitars for sale, except for playing them. So let’s see what’s there this week. And you can always keep up with what’s online at this very moment by checking out the site.


PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt
This is the signature model for the Opeth frontman. It’s one of the first SE models to include old-school bird inlays, and it rocks 24 jumbo frets, PRS designed tremolo bridge, SE HFS and SE Vintage Bass pickups, volume and tone control with a 3-way toggle switch. You can see Mikael playing these on the road. Read More …

Music Radar previews 2013 Ibanez line


Wow! Didn’t expect these to be announced so soon, but Music Radar has the scoop on several killer new Ibanez models for 2013, including the RG550-XH, effectlively a new version of the RG2011SC, the 30-fret beast released a few NAMMs ago (and used in the studio by Dragonforce, according to Herman Li in my April 2012 interview), the new Iron Label series and … a Premium version of the venerable ‘green dot’ Universe 7-string!!! The UV70 features DiMarzio Blaze pickups and the same basic styling as one of the most missed early Universe models. Get the lowdown here.

INTERVIEW: Steve Vai on The Story Of Light

Photo by Larry DiMarzio

Steve Vai needs no introduction.

Your new album The Story Of Light is a bit of a departure and it’s been a while since you’ve released a studio album of new material. Where did this one come from?

I guess it came from the same place the other ones came from, but maybe a little bolder. I searched my inner ear more and I gravitated towards things that excited me, as opposed to some things that I thought should be on there. And it’s also the second instalment of a trilogy of records that have a story to it, and as a result the songs are built around characters and situations and events in the story. So when you have something like that to go by, it can inspire you to do certain things that you may not ordinarily do if you just sat down to write a song.

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Steve Vai’s original Ibanez Universe prototype on eBay

WOW! Here’s one for the ages. The very first Ibanez Universe prototype is being sold by Vai’s former engineer Richard Landers to fund medical expenses in the family.

CLICK HERE to see the listing.

According to this Guitar Player interview, “Vai got his first 7-string, a prototype, while he was working with Whitesnake, and played that guitar on most of Whitesnake’s 1989 album Slip of the Tounge. He suggested a few subtle changes – the original neck was a little too chunky, for example – and the prototype was soon honed into the Ibanez Universe 7-string.”

Here’s Steve with the guitar:

Some more info:

“Here is the ORIGINAL Prototype 7 String guitar as designed by the mystical and magical guitar wizard and modern-day Mozart of melody & noise, STEVE VAI. (Credit also to the fine folks at Ibanez for helping Steve realize his vision of what would become a new entity in the evolution of the guitar.)

We are auctioning this guitar on behalf of Steve’s long-time engineer, Richard Landers, whom he gifted it to in 1990. According to Richard, the guitar was received with much appreciation and stored away and has now only seen the light of day some 20+ years later. He never intended on selling it but is now only considering it’s sale in order to raise funds for some medical needs within the family.

The bridge of the guitar is not one piece, but actually TWO bridges which have been cut and put together to form what is probably the first 7-string locking tremolo. The nut has been fashioned in this way also. You can can see the seams in the close-up photos. Also, the 21-24 frets are scalloped which I understand are not standard on any model Universe guitar.”

[geo-out country=”Australia” note=””]Want a new Ibanez Universe? The current model is the UV777BK – one of these happens to be my main axe.[/geo-out]

[geo-in country=”Australia” note=””]By the way, Vai is coming to Australia for a master class tour. Read all about it here![/geo-in]