INTERVIEW: Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew

The Crimson ProjeKCt is a King Crimson offshoot featuring three current members of that historic, nay, iconic band – Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto – along with Julie Slick, Tobias Ralph and Markus Reuter. And a typical Crimson ProjeCKt concert is a marathon of musical might which shifts through many moods and configurations. Belew explains: “What happens is this: Stick Men (Levin, Mastelotto and Reuter) play a set of their music (which includes a Crimson track or two), then the Power Trio (Belew, Slick, Ralph) plays a set of my music (which also includes a Crimson track), then Tony and Pat and I play a Crimson song (as yet another trio), and then comes the big finale: both trios play more than an hours-worth of Crimson music as a double trio! It’s a helluva show!” And the group is coming to Australia and New Zealand to spread their particular brand of musical majesty in June and July, with shows in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle. Read More …

INTERVIEW: Living Colour’s Vernon Reid

VernonReidFew guitarists are as endlessly creative as Living Colour’s Vernon Reid. One of those rare individuals who seems to be able to summon inspiration and individuality to them on request, Vernon’s playing ranges from the subtle and traditional to the sublimely outrageous. Living Colour are in Australia for the Soundwave festival and a few of their own side shows with Alter Bridge. I Heart Guitar caught up with Vernon recently to talk about it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did you guys book this through Twitter? It kinda looks like that’s how it happened! I saw the Living Colour Twitter account tweeting to Soundwave that you’d like to do the festival, and a few weeks later it was announced.

I guess that’s the power of social media!  Read More …

Roland Guitar Friend Jam

This has got to be the coolest thing to happen to jamming since the music store notice board: Roland’s Guitar Friend Jam. It’s a social media application which hooks you up with other guitarists and lets you share your rockin’ with the world. It requires a few specialised pieces of gear to work: either a Fender GK-Ready Stratocaster GC-1 or a guitar with a Roland GK-3 hex pickup, and either a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer or Roland V-Guitar System VG-99.

Personally I have a huge crush on the GC-1 and GR-55 (almost to the ‘Put Money In A Jar Labelled Roland GR Stuff’ level). When I was all of 16 years old a local music store loaned me a much, much earlier version of Roland’s guitar synth technology so I could figure it out and do a demo/clinic in-store. I loved having that thing to play with for a few weeks, but as soon as I brought it back to the store somebody bought it and they didn’t need me to do the demo any more. Booo!

Here’s the press release:

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