Meet The EHX Octavix

The new EHX Octavix is designed to deliver a late ’60’s Octavia-style vibe with an octave up and classic fuzz to transport you to a world of bell bottoms and purple haze. Sounds good, right? The Volume, Boost and Octave controls let you dial in the right vintage tone while 21st Century updates for the modern player include switchable 24/9volt power rails that bring on a tight or saggy sound, as well as true bypass. More info here

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TC Electronic Viscous Vibe


PRESS RELEASE: With Viscous Vibe, TC Electronic has created a dead on 1:1 digital recreation of the legendary Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe, known from countless unforgettable recordings by Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Pink Floyd. The Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe is known for its otherworldly lush and syrupy sweet tones, and with Viscous Vibe these sounds are finally available in a modern, high-quality and compact pedal that won’t break the bank. Read More …

REVIEW: Paul Gilbert – Vibrato

No matter what he does, Paul Gilbert’s always been great. But to me he’s at his best when he’s being fun. Fun was a crucial ingredient in his solo debut King of Clubs, and it was a huge part of albums like Space Ship One and Alligator Farm. And if you’ve ever seen him at a clinic or had a private lesson with the man, you’d know that he’s all about reminding everyone that playing guitar is one of the funnest, coolest, most awesome things you can possibly do. And that’s what’s so great about Vibrato. Paul is back to singing on many of this album’s cuts, and his lyrical take is always so charmingly skewed that you just can’t help but smile. Check out “Enemies (In Jail),” which is based on a drawing young Paul did when he was around four years old, and which posits that the best day ever would involve riding around in a racing car and catching your enemies and putting them in jail – set against a super-cool octave-pedal, whammy-bar-and-two-phasers tone and some tasty jazz-influenced guitar work.

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New Paul Gilbert album info

Paul Gilbert (who is doing a clinic tour of Oz soon) has a new album coming soon called Vibrato. It includes eight studio-recorded tacks plus three live tracksrecorded in 2010 when he toured Europe. It’s half instrumental and half vocal, which is awesome news for those of us who love Paul’s vocal albums like King of Clubs, Alligator Farm and Space Ship One. In fact, I had Space Ship One on regular rotation right at the time that Mrs I Heart Guitar and I found out we were going to be parents, so whenever I listen to that album it brings back all sorts of huge emotions. Anyway, the track list for Vibrato is:

01 Enemies (In Jail)
02 Rain and Thunder and Lightning
03 Vibrato
04 Put It On The Chair
05 Bivalve Blues
06 Blue Rondo A La Turk
07 Atmosphere on the Moon
08 The Pronghorn
09 Roundabout (Live)
10 I Want To Be Loved (Live)
11 Go Down (Live)

You can preorder it from CD Japan now. Here’s the regular CD version, here’s the CD/DVD version and here’s the instructional DVD.

TC TC Electronic John Petrucci Signature Pedal – The Dreamscape

Aside from being one of the nicest dudes in guitar (read my interview here), John Petrucci is of course an incredible musician with a great pair of ears. He’s been rocking TC Electronic gear for as long as I can remember, and now the company is honouring him with his own signature pedal, the Dreamscape. It’s a combined vibrato, flanger and chorus with effects based on the TonePrints he designed last year for the Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato and Vortex Flanger. Here’s the press release:

TC Electronic Announces John Petrucci Signature Pedal – The Dreamscape

(Risskov, Denmark, 1 February 2012) Long-time TC guitar effects user John Petrucci has joined forces with TC, taking their collaboration to a whole new level.

John Petrucci was one of the first artists to join TC’s revolutionary TonePrint concept. In total, John created 5 personal TonePrints in early 2011 – two for Corona Chorus, two for Shaker Vibrato and one for the Vortex Flanger. John loved having access to all effect parameters so much that he instantly agreed to develop a signature pedal together with TC – one that was based on his own TonePrints. And so The Dreamscape was born.

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