New Joe Satriani video: ‘A Door Into Summer’

Unstoppable MomentumJoe Satriani is about to release his new album, Unstoppable Momentum, on May 7. Preorder it here! It features Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Mike Keneally on keys and Chris Chaney on bass. Oh and his live band will feature Keneally as well as Bryan Beller on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums, which is an utterly killer line-up. I’ve heard Joe’s new album and without giving too much away let me just say that it continues along the vein of his last few but with a really engaging, human feel thanks to the talents of misters Colaiuta, Keneally and Chaney. Think The Extremist but with more push and pull from the rhythm section. The first single, A Door Into Summer, offers a bit of an indication of what to expect but it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. Check it out below! Read More …

Joe Satriani names new album & best band ever


Joe Satriani has just announced the May 9, 2013 release of his next album, Unstoppable Momentum, and a pair of killer bands associated with the project: the studio band consisting of Mike Keneally, Vinnie Colauita (whoa!) and Chris Chaney, and a new live band consisting of …Mike Keneally, Brian Beller and Marco Minnemann! That’s right, Keneally Minnemann Beller! This is mind-melting news for me and I’m sure many of you too.

Below is the news in Joe’s words, but before we get to that, let me add that Beller, Minnemann and their buddy Guthrie Govan will hit the road for a huge US Aristocrats tour this summer. Their second studio album, tentatively titled Culture Clash, is targeted for a July 16 release, and the US tour will go for six weeks, from mid-July to late August. Check out tentative dates here, but bookmark the tour page to keep an eye on the dates once they’re locked in.

And now for that word from Joe Satriani…

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REVIEW: Jeff Beck at the Palais, Melbourne

Last night (January 26, Australia Day, woohoo), I saw Jeff Beck at the Palais in Melbourne. I’ll write a full review for the next issue of Mixdown magazine, but in the meantime here are a few thoughts and observances for anyone who’s interested. Beck’s playing again at the Palais tonight, so CLICK HERE to see if there are still tickets available.

Okay, thoughts in dot-point form cos they’re fun.

· Beck appeared to have a pair of Marshall Plexis on stage, (although only one of them was turned on – I guess the other was a spare) and a Fender combo. My vision sucks at the best of times (but at least I have cool glasses), so I couldn’t quite tell what models they were.

· He played one of his signature Fender Stratocasters for the whole show, and only needed to retune once, about an hour into the gig, despite his frequent and mind-destroying whammy bar use.

· On drums, Mr Vinnie Colaiuta. Frank Zappa’s favourite improvisation buddy, and an important part of why Megadeth’s ‘The System Has Failed’ album is so friggin’ cool. Vinnie threw in lots of double-kick work, and stole the show several times.

· On bass, Tal Wilkenfeld. She’s only 22 and her playing is frighteningly good, especially her solo during ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers.’

· Beck long ago chucked away guitar picks, and it’s inspiring if not a little intimidating to hear what he can do with just his fingers and a whammy bar. Surprisingly, most of his vibrato comes from rapidly pushing and releasing the guitar’s tremolo bridge with the side of his picking hand, instead of from his fretting hand.

I won’t spoil the setlist for those who are yet to see this tour, but Beck’s playing is as good as ever, and his band is amazing. If you’re in Melbourne and you haven’t already got a ticket for tonight, GO GO GO GO GO!!!

CLICK HERE to buy Jeff Beck’s ‘Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scotts’ from

CLICK HERE to buy the Fender Jeff Beck signature Stratocaster from Music123.

Remaining Jeff Beck Australian tour dates:

27 Jan Palais Theatre, VIC

29 Jan Brisbane Convention Centre, QLD

30 Jan Enmore Theatre, NSW

31 Jan Enmore Theatre, NSW