Vintage Unleashes 7-String And A Bad, Bad Pun


I love a cheesy pun as much as the next dude but the heading of this Vintage press release, well…

Vintage 7 String Set to B a Winner

Vintage guitars are proud to announce the release of their very first 7 string model. The V7HTBB has an Eastern Poplar body matched to a super strong Maple triple laminate neck, with through body stringing for awesome sustain, rock solid tuning and down tuned chunky riffing over the Wilkinson Tune-O-Matic bridge. Two specially designed Wilkinson PHS7 double coil pickups have been matched and calibrated to capture every doom-laden riff, pinched harmonic and everything in-between. Priced at just £229 making it an incredibly affordable addition to every guitar players arsenal the V7HTBB is finished in gloss black. Read More …

REVIEW: Vintage Reissued Series V52


Some of Trev Wilkinson’s designs via the Fret-King are very clever updates of popular designs, with tonal and ergonomic improvements that bring the general vintage aesthetic into the modern era. Others, like the brilliant Esprit 5, take a more anarchistic approach to the idea of vintage-vibed guitars, and in the process create a unique axe that stands on its own merits rather than being referred back to the instruments that came before it. The Vintage Reissued series, also designed by Wikinson, doesn’t try to be either of those things. Instead these guitars aim to basically give you a guitar which feels, sounds and looks like the vintage models we all know and love, but with Trev’s range of pickups, tuners and hardware and at a much more affordable price point than, say, a $250,000 ’59 Les Paul. There are a few little differences – another kind of wood here, an extra fret there – but for the most part these are guitars that tell you a lot about what to expect just through the sheer weight of their inspiration. Read More …

Greatest guitar sale in history

So if you haven’t read about this yet, here’s the story:

Leo Krebs closes his North Hollywood music store and repair shop in the early 70s. He retains about 70 instruments in storage, including brand new Martins, Fenders and Gibsons. Now, around 40 years later, these instruments are all looking to find a good home.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about things like a NOS (New Old Stock) 1960s Gibson ES335-12 12-string, an NOS Gibson SG Standard, NOS Gibson Violin Bass, NOS 60s Fender Mustain and Precision basses, NOS 60s Fender Mustang, ’56 Strat, ’65 Mosrite Joe Maphis double-neck, ’68 NOS Fender Telecaster, NOS 60s Fender Paisley Telecaster, NOS 1968 Gibson ES-175, a 1950 Fender Broadcaster… oh look, there’s so much there that you should just go check it all out. Hopefully some of it is still available for a few lucky buyers. The link is worth clicking just for the ‘Wow, I can’t believe that’s just been sitting in storage for four decades’ novelty value, and definitely for the history.

COOL GEAR ALERT: Vintage and Laka by Vintage ukuleles

The ukulele really is the ultimate instrument. Stripped of pretence, it’s like pure music distilled down to its essence and sent drifting out on a wave. It’s a deceptive little instrument: non-musicians often feel comfortable picking it up because “it’s just a ukulele,” only to realise with a jolt a few months later that they’re actually making music now. Vintage has just introduced four gorgeous new ukes that feature familiar outlines and some very player-friendly features which are sure to give the mighty uke the rock cred it so richly deserves. Check them out!
Plug in and rock out with four fab new electric ukuleles from Vintage and Laka by Vintage
Worldwide musical instrument trade distributor John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. is delighted to announce four rocking new electric ukuleles under the Vintage  and Laka  by Vintage banners.
The Vintage VUKE1 (UK RRP £49.99) is a nylon-strung soprano model with eastern poplar body, set maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, plastic nut, 15 frets, piezo pickup, Volume and Tone controls, open geared machine heads and a Gloss Sunburst finish.

Fashion designer Paul Smith, Vintage collaborate on acoustic guitar


Following on from the huge success of 2009’s Paul Smith and Vintage® guitars collaboration, the legendary designer is launching another limited edition compact Vintage acoustic model – exclusively for Paul Smith shops.


The guitar, which retails at a price of £195, is available in all Paul Smith shops in limited numbers now, as well as on the Paul Smith website.


Made to an impressive specification, the Vintage Paul Smith guitar features a spruce top matched to a mahogany body, a traditional tonewood combination, offering clarity and harmonic content, ideal for a smooth, rounded bass in the sound, enhanced by an articulate and defined treble. The maple neck is topped by a smooth, tight-grained rosewood fret-board, with a mahogany bridge further complementing the subtly restrained look of the instrument.


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