All hail the DigiTech Whammy! I used to have a Whammy II, a very cool pedal that I no longer felt I needed when I got a multi-effects unit from another brand, so I got rid of it. Well of course I quickly got the sellers’ remorse over that one. I haven’t bought a DigiTech Whammy to replace it yet but I’m gonna find it hard to resist the new Whammy DT. Check out these new additions:

‘Shift Down’ and ‘Shift Up’ modes for changing the tuning down by as much as seven steps or an entire octave up or down.

Momentary switch for ‘hammer-on’ and ‘pull-off’ effects – step on it to alter the pitch, and lift your foot off to retun immediately to the regular unaltered note. Trillorrific!

True bypass

FS3X input for hands-free selection of Whammy and Drop Tune settings

MIDI input

Sounds awesome, no? More info at