Vintage Unleashes 7-String And A Bad, Bad Pun


I love a cheesy pun as much as the next dude but the heading of this Vintage press release, well…

Vintage 7 String Set to B a Winner

Vintage guitars are proud to announce the release of their very first 7 string model. The V7HTBB has an Eastern Poplar body matched to a super strong Maple triple laminate neck, with through body stringing for awesome sustain, rock solid tuning and down tuned chunky riffing over the Wilkinson Tune-O-Matic bridge. Two specially designed Wilkinson PHS7 double coil pickups have been matched and calibrated to capture every doom-laden riff, pinched harmonic and everything in-between. Priced at just £229 making it an incredibly affordable addition to every guitar players arsenal the V7HTBB is finished in gloss black. Read More …

REVIEW: Framus Diablo Supreme X

I first got my hands on the Framus Diablo Supreme X at NAMM earlier this year, and a very special piece of kit it was. As you may know, in addition to I Heart Guitar I write for the magazines MixdownAustralian Musician Magazine, and Australian Guitar. Through Australian Guitar I was fortunate to once again get my hands on a Framus Diablo Supreme X, and you’ll be able to read that review in the next issue. (I can’t post it here, so as to not cross any lines or step on any toes).

However the Diablo Supreme X is a very cool guitar that deserves a closer look on I Heart Guitar. Lemmie run you through the specs, then you can check out some nice hi-rez photos and sound clips of each pickup selection.

MADE IN: Germany
BODY: Swamp Ash, maple
NECK: Maple
FRETS: Medium Standard
NUT: Graphtech Black Tusq
BRIDGE: Framus/Wilkinson
PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan Cool Rails, Vintage Staggered, JB
CONTROLS: 5-way toggle, volume, tone w/push-pull coil split

Pickups are a Seymour Duncan Cool Rails in the neck, Vintage Staggered Single Coil in the bridge and the legendary JB in the bridge. All are wired into a coil tap on the push-pull tone control. The JB has a classic edgy rock, the Vintage Staggered is a great traditional single coil, and the Cool Rails is a full-sounding humbucker with a nice flutey high end.

The bridge is a 2-point fulcrum non-locking unit, specially designed to prevent side-to-side movement of the saddles. The whammy bar pushes in (rather than screws in) and its tension is adjusted by a side-mounted hex screw. It stays in tune better than some double-locking units I've played.

Controls consist of a 5-way pickup selector switch, a 500k push/pull tone pot for coil splitting, and a 500k master volume control. The tone pot is musically voiced to round out your tone without making it muddy even at its deepest setting.

Here you get a nice view of the sexy body carve and the degree of flame in the AAA maple top. There's a very noticeable 3D effect to the flame when you move the guitar side to side. Also note the handy indentation on the volume pot to give you a visual reference of where you're set without resorting to numbers.

This shot will give you an idea of how thick the top is. It most definitely qualifies as a top rather than a veneer, and it adds a nice crisp high end to the sound, both unplugged and through an amp. Please excuse my hairy arm.

Here you can see the back cavity cover, which pops off without the need for a screw driver. This feature is utter genius. How many times have you lost one of those fiddly little screws while you were trying to pop the cover off to do a quick soldering job, wiring mod or pickup replacement?

Here you can see the classy, understated abalone inlays and the medium standard frets. The fretboard radius is relatively flat which is very shred-friendly. The frets are levelled on the PLEK system so you can be sure they're as perfect as can be.

The Diablo Supreme X features a Graphtech Black Tusq nut, which helps keep you in tune when you engage in whammy bar freakouts. Tuning stability is also aided by the straight string pull between the nut and tuning peg.

Finally, here’s an audio clip of me playing the Diablo Supreme X through my Marshall DSL50. You’ll hear every pickup selection in order, then again with the coil tap switch engaged. At the end of the first riff you’ll hear me hold the chord until it fades out. Nice sustain profile, huh?


Framus Diablo X Supreme by I Heart Guitar

LINKS: Framus, Dominant Music