Win A YouRock MIDI Guitar

Making Music MagazineHey! Here’s something cool. Making Music Magazine is holding a sweepstakes for someone to win a YouRock MIDI Guitar. The MIDI Guitar is a really innovative instrument that plays just like any other guitar, but without the strings and tuning pegs. You can plug it into your computer and take lessons, play games and even add percussion to your guitar playing, plus it has countless settings. And you can see my review of it here, including a sound clip of me using one to pull off some cool sitar-sounding stuff. But more importantly, you can enter to win one here! It’s a great tool for the home recordist, especially those of us who kinda suck at playing keyboards (that would be me) but still want to add some keys to their tracks without manually drawing them into the MIDI edit window.

REVIEW: You Rock MIDI Guitar

The first MIDI-capable guitars were giant clunkers with poor tracking and complicated setups. More recent technology is much better, but super-expensive and depending on what route you go down you could find yourself doing irreversible mods to your guitar. Not everyone wants a super tricked-out MIDI guitar for stage use, but it’d be very handy to have something in the studio that would make it easy to lay down keyboard parts without having to actually play keyboards. Enter the You Rock MIDI Guitar.

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