Dave Weiner’s Riff Of The Week gets even more kickass

Dave Weiner‘s excellent Riff Of The Week service is about to go subscription – from as low as just 99c per week. But more than that, Dave’s planning to kick the service up a notch by making the videos quicker and easier to digest, while also offering ‘Lick Of The Week Extended’ for those who want to go deeper. I think this is a great idea, and I know some people are already complaining to Dave that they don’t want to pay, but y’know what? This is a professional musician who has given a hell of a lot of his own time to this great service, and man, from 99c a week it’s totally worth it. He’s also about to launch something called ‘Jam With Me’ but more details on that will be announced next week.

Here’s a video from Dave explaining the changes.

Coolest pedal demos on YouTube: FuzzBoxGirl

Okay, so I was just checking my Twitter followers (you can become one of them here) and I noticed that my most recent follower was someone called FuzzBoxGirl, and she has a YouTube Channel with a bunch of pedal reviews, including a vintage 1968 Univox (Shin-ei) Super Fuzz. She also has a wicked sense of humour, a killer guitar collection, a knack for matching cocktails and fuzz pedals, and a great line in retro rock riffage. Only her feet and hands appear on camera. Mysterious. My prediction: FuzzBoxGirl will own the guitar world by this time next week.