NAMM 2011: ZVex Booth Visit

I’ve long been an admirer of Z.Vex pedals – I can really relate to the combination of colour, humour, tone and originality in everything they do. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the Z.Vex stand at NAMM, especially those killer custom finish creations. So what was Z.Vex showing at NAMM?

Well first off, check out this sweet amp. The version at NAMM was a prototype and the final version will be a little smaller than this behemoth. It’s cool that soon there will be another amp to sit alongside the Nano Head and the iMPAMP. That’s Marc from Z.Vex showing off this groovy creation.

Also check out the Instant Lo-Fi Junky, a nifty little unit which aims to give you the same vibe as the Lo-Fi Loop Junky but in a real-time, non-loopering format. This pedal combines a chorus and a compressor which can be mixed and matched in interesting ways, and it sounds amazing.

Finally, check out these custom-painted pedals. You can check out the range of custom designs here.