NEWS: New Paul Gilbert CD, October 22

Paul Gilbert will release a new vocal album, United States, in Japan on October 22, mere months after his second instrumental release, Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar

The album is not a Gilbert solo release, rather the artist is listed as Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson. Nelson is a guitarist and vocalist from Pittsburgh who lists his influences as Queen, The Beatles, Nikki Sixx and AC/DC.

Gilbert recently updated his website’s News page with a little hint about the new album: “In between my very busy touring schedule, I managed to make another new CD! I will announce more details about this soon. Let me just say that it will blow your mind when you hear it!”

Resourceful readers at the Racer X board did some sleuthing and uncovered more information, including the October 22 Japanese release date, album cover, and title. It appears the music will bear similarities to Mr Big and Queen.

There is more info, as well as a few photos, at the WHD Entertainment website.

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