I was alerted to this by the Random Chatter Music blog: Paul Gilbert posted the following on the Racer X message boards today. 

I am proud to announce my first signature pedal, the DETOX EQ by H.B.E. (HomeBrew Electronics)

I’ve been using this pedal for the last few months and I am officially addicted to it.

Why an EQ? Here’s a detailed answer:

I have always liked to get distortion by playing through a cranked-up tube amp.

I have always liked to get a clean sound by turning my guitar’s volume knob down.

This works really well with some guitars and not so well with others, depending on the pickups and electronics in the guitar. On my Spaceship One tour, my main guitar was an Ibanez Rocket Roll II (Flying V shaped) guitar with two humbuckers. This guitar sounds amazing when it’s cranked up, but it doesn’t get that sparkly clean sound like I can get from the pickups on a PGM (which has a single coil and a 5-way switch).

To solve this problem, I bought a Boss EQ pedal and used it to turn down the “muddy” frequencies as well as turning down the overall gain. The pedal became a virtual “clean channel” and was really useful for cleaning up my sound while performing live.

But the Boss EQ was hissy (even though I wasn’t boosting anything), and the frequencies weren’t set as musically I would have liked.

Recently I have been using several pedals from H.B.E. and liked everything about them. So I contacted the people there to see if they would be interested in building the ultimate EQ pedal for me. And the DETOX EQ was born!

The DETOX EQ is noise-free and has very musically tuned EQ knobs. I used it to make subtle adjustments to my tone on the United States CD, and I’ve road tested it on my European tour. I love it!

If you look at photos of my pedalboard (left), I’m still using my prototype which is a gray box with red tape on it. I got a new one from H.B.E. and let Craig Martini use it for his bass rig. That one is yellow. I’m going to switch to a new one when I get home!

Anyway, whether you use the pedal to clean up, boost, or just tailor your tone, there is no EQ pedal that touches the DETOX in quality in tone. H.B.E. did an awesome job.

The pedal is true bypass, operates on 9 volt battery or DC adapter, and has a list price of $159. Click here for more info from the HomeBrew website, and here for even more info on Paul’s on site.

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