So I’m sitting here cruising the internets and having a good ol’ daydream about guitars, guitars and more guitars (jeez, what’s new, huh?) and finding myself ever so drawn to these twisted-looking Gary Kramer Turbulence models (yes, THAT Gary Kramer – he has a new company now).

The R-36 is cool enough, with its 36 frets, 7 strings and striking yellow finish (or the black version in the pick above), but check out this killer DNA model pictured below – Dimarzio Evolution pickup, plus a Vai-style DNA swirl finish by the legendary Herc Fede, who painted my custom Ibanez (which I still haven’t got around to finishing).

Of course, if the R-36 is too much for ya, remove a string, add a pickup and reduce the fret count to ‘only’ 29 and you have the R-29, which also looks pretty cool in its own wacky way. These are pretty out-there guitars so you’d probably need a thick skin to protect you from traditionalists, but I think there’s something kinda cool about standing up on stage saying “Yeah, I’m playing metal on a giant luminous banana, big whoop, wanna fight about it?”

So has anyone played any of these new Gary Kramer guitars?

CLICK HERE to see the Gary Kramer Guitar eBay store.